Lorde’s Green Light Is Our New Angry Yet Heartbroken Anthem

Lorde is back and she’s back in a big way



Lorde has just released a new song, and it is everything your angry and heartbroken self never knew it needed. Green Light is different from how we remember the now 20-year-old musician, but we welcome the change with open arms. The beat is catchy, the lyrics are mysterious yet honest and it is perfect for every frustrating situation.


When your ex is lying to his new girlfriend.

“I know what you did and I wanna scream the truth/She thinks you love the beach, you’re such a damn liar”




Since you both know that putting his best foot forward will never cut it. 


When you remember how he said he’d always love you.

“Thought you said that you would always be in love/But you’re not in love no more”




Some promises may be meant to be broken, but you thought he’d honor this one.


When everything reminds you of him.

“But honey, I’ll be seeing you ‘ever I go/But honey, I’ll be seeing you down every road”


Sometimes you just regret wanting to take him with you everywhere.


When you selfishly hope his lies will catch up with him.

“All those rumors, they have big teeth/Hope they bite you”



Because hoping bad things happen to him sometimes helps numb the pain.


When you hope his memories of you haunt him.

“Does it frighten you/How we kissed when we danced on the light up floor?”


It’s true that misery likes company.


When all you want to do is to move on.

“Oh, I wish I could get my things and just let go/I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it”


You’ll get there. Chin up, girl. 




Adie Pieraz

grew up with numbers but fell in love with words by the time she reached her teenage years. She likes to surround herself with mellow music, delicious food and funny fail videos.

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