Celebrate VDay With Love Street: A Valentine Concert

What better way to get together than through music?

Every year, there’s a debate about how to celebrate love month. There are those that take part in it, reserving tables-for-two at restaurants and driving out of town for a quick getaway. On the other hand, there are those that believe it’s a Hallmark-made holiday and argue that love should be celebrated all-year around. And then, of course, there are those of us who exclusively love family and friends, of which no table could hold them all.

Well, let’s all meet somewhere in the middle, in a little place called Love Street: A Valentine Concert.


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On February 16, 2019, artists from the Elements Music Camp will serenade individuals, couples and groups of all sizes for a night of wonderful company, great music and amazing performances.

Bea Lorenzo

In this battle of faith, does anyone ever win it?

In this haggle for truth, does anyone ever see it?

Catch Bea Lorenzo perform her single Ili (Hush) live on stage.


Came across a gentle melody

Love allowed it, so I let it be

Why’d it take so many seasons

Now I found a reason to live for

Is love in the air? Certainly feels like it when you have Ben&Ben performing Ours.

Julz Savard

And I, I'm infatuated by the way

You look at me

And I, I'm infatuated by the way

You took to me

Anyone else feeling Infatuated? Feel it (and say it) with Julz Savard.

Kat Agarrado

You deserve so much more

With the light like yours

They’d be drawn

So, can’t be the one

Can't be the one

But I'd like to be the one for you

Sometimes love is confusing and the only way to feel it is to hear it. Listen as Kat Agarrado takes us in with You Got Me Trippin.’

Keiko Necesario

We're stubborn and we know it (Stubborn and we know it)

But maybe ‘cause we're worth it (Maybe ‘cause we're worth it)

I don't care if we're uncertain (Care if we're uncertain)

I'll let you hit me like a hurricane, hurricane

Get the wind knocked out of you with Blithe from Keiko Necesario.

Leanne and Naara

Got so many things

Living in my head

How do I politely tell them to get lost

‘Cause I miss just

Being on my own

Just ‘cause I'm alone don't mean I'm lonely

Louder for the people at the back. Make sure they hear you sing out Leanne and Naara’s LMNOP.

Reese Lansangan

Must've ignored all the signs

They might have led me somebody good

Who'll treat me like they should

I guess I'll never know

We know you’ve been there, so feel a little something from the pit of your stomach from Reese Lansangan as she performs The Chase.

Trisha Denise

Are you really sweet?

Sweet like honey (Honey)

Or are you just another man who's tryna fool me?

For anyone that’s ever been left confused and doubting, Sweet Like Honey from Trisha Denise goes out to you.


You're a fine thing, baby

Don't doubt it for a second

Got me screamin' your name and

Crawling back to you for seconds

No matter where you stand, February is for love—all kinds of love. Shout it loud in clear with VERA as she performs Fine.

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Starting 6pm on February 16, 2019, join the Elements Music Camp graduates at the Globe Iconic Amphitheater as they rock the stage in a celebration of love. Bring your special someone, your close friends or go alone—this night’s going to be all about the music anyway.

Did we mention admission is completely free?

Can't wait until February 16 to hear some of our favorite local artists? Head over to Spotify and listen to the Elements Music Camp Playlist to get first dibs. And if you want to learn what happened behind the scenes as our musicians created their songs with international music producers, catch Elements The Series on iFlix. 

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

How does this make you feel?

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