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🎥 The Cast and Characters of the Movie LSS - go!

LSS: Meet The Cast & Characters

You might just find yourself in these LSS cast and characters

While most of us will never know what it’s like to work behind the scenes of a full-length film, millions of us around the world get to enjoy the end products endlessly—or, at least, until the cinemas are still showing them (or big guns like Netflix take the on). Nevertheless, we as an audience have learned to appreciate movies at face value, which usually means the storyline, the themes and the characters. 

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Today we’re focusing on the characters of LSS, one of the entries to this year’s Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino, produced by Globe Studios and Dokimos Media Inc., and is directed by Jade Castro. So before the film even premieres, you can already find yourself in one of the LSS cast and characters. Someone to cheer for, you know? 


Played by Gabbi Garcia

Sarah’s an aspiring musician who has chosen time and time again to put her music on hold to fulfill her responsibilities. As the provider for her little brother, Cedie, Sarah’s working double jobs despite having the talent and passion for the industry. 

She wants to be a singer-songwriter but life’s just been getting in the way. 


Played by Khalil Ramos

Zack comes from a broken home; his father left their family when he was really young—and it’s this rejection that follows Zack from childhood into young adulthood. This manifests most as he struggles to tell his best friend about his feelings. 

And then there is Zack’s relationship with his mother, which at surface level seems great. The two have fun together, largely because his mother is so liberated.

When these two meet, they swap stories and question each other:

“How can you quit your passion because of your fear of failure eh hindi ka pa nga nagfe-fail?”

“How can you quit on love because of your fear of rejection eh hindi ka pa nga nire-reject?”

And it’s a conversation that continues to resonate throughout the entire LSS film. 


Played by Elijah Canlas

The younger brother of Sarah, Cedie is her complete opposite. Despite his sister providing for his studies, he opts to pour everything into his music career when he gets the opportunity to become a recording rap artist. It’s a move that takes a toll on their relationship, but maybe you just have to do whatever it takes to follow your dreams…right? 


Played by Tuesday Vargas

Part-time mother, part-time ride-sharing driver and full-time best friend to Zack, Ruby has taken it upon herself to be there for her son in all the ways she can be. But when she finds out that her son has been secretly contacting the husband that left her years ago, she feels that the rug has been taken out from under her.


Played by Aiana Bermudez

Carefree and fluid, Cha refuses to be boxed in and forced into doing anything she doesn’t want to do herself. Strong and empowered, she finds solitude in her friendship with Zack—but that doesn’t mean she’ll give him what he’s looking for. 

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Do the stories of the LSS cast and characters sound familiar to you? Maybe a little, maybe not yet. Maybe you need to hear the soundtrack from Ben&Ben to get a little inspiration. Whichever way, you can catch the full stories of Sarah, Zack, Cedie, Ruby and Cha when LSS premieres with Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019 opens on September 13, 2019.

LSS is produced by Globe Studios and Dokimos Media Inc., and is directed by Jade Castro.

Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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