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Are You Making the Most of Your Spotify Premium Subscription?

Get in on these tips and tricks to maximize your Premium subscription

Getting through the day without music is easier said than done. For some people, having their favorite songs carrying them through busy mornings and hectic afternoons like a tailored BGM soundtrack is simply non-negotiable. Commuting long hours, working out, and typing away reports in the office are made even just a little more tolerable with the right tracks playing in the background. It’s no wonder why Spotify has become such an integral part of modern-day living.

Available as both a free app and a paid service, Spotify serves up benefits exclusive to its paying subscribers. Common favorites? Easily the unlimited skips and ad-free streaming. However, there’s more to a Spotify subscription than those features—chances are you just aren’t using it to its full potential. Make the most of your account with these tips and functions!

Control your web player’s stream from your phone

You probably use Spotify on both your desktop and smartphone—but have you ever tried using them simultaneously? You can use your mobile app to pause, play or shuffle the music you play on your web player like a remote of sorts. When you launch the Spotify app on your phone, the song currently playing on the web player will appear at the bottom of the display, and from there, you can control the music.

Download music for offline listening

Streaming services rely heavily on your device’s internet connection. Unfortunately, our country has something of a reputation when it comes to internet speed and stability. This is where Spotify Premium’s download feature comes in handy. Download the tracks you want to listen offline by clicking the three dots then download when using Android or select the playlist then download for Apple.

Have your smart assistants play the music

US residents get to enjoy Spotify Voice to control the app hands-free—but there’s no need to feel down for the lack of the voice feature in the Philippines. Alas, there’s a pretty good alternative: the “tap to speak” function in your phone keyboard. Google Assistant, Google Home, Siri and Alexa do the trick just as well, too. For smart assistants, simply connect your Spotify account with your speaker’s accompanying app and you’ll be good to go!

Add songs that aren’t on Spotify

Spotify boasts an extensive library of artists and songs, but truth be told, it still isn’t a complete collection. For those with more eclectic tastes, especially, finding rare tracks still proves to be a challenge with the app. Fortunately, you have the option to upload saved music from your device. Give it a go by going to the Preferences tab on Spotify’s desktop app, clicking Add a Source and choosing the file. It will appear on your Spotify library under Local Files, which you can find on the left sidebar.

Listen to your guilty pleasures in private mode

Newsflash: it’s never cool to shame others for their musical preferences. But hey, some people are naturally more private than others, so if you want to keep your listening history a secret, it’s possible with Spotify. Private Sessions mode can be activated via the app’s settings. This way, other people won’t be able to see that you just recently belted out the entire Aegis discography (but come on, no judgment).

Find live gigs near you

Streaming music is a great way to build your affections for a particular album or artist, but nothing beats the real thing. Spotify doesn’t just stop with online and offline streaming: it can also help you find upcoming gigs near you so you can listen to your favorite songs live. Click Browse on the desktop app, then hit Concerts to see who is playing near you or in a city of your choosing.

These advantages should be more than enough to convince you to get your own Spotify Premium subscription. If you need a little more of a push, though, you should know that paying for the subscription is even easier with Globe Postpaid and Globe Prepaid—simply use your load to get unlimited streams and unparalleled features.

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