Why the Mannequin Challenge is So Entertaining

We round up the best videos, from the funniest to the cutest and even the weirdest

Just in case you’ve been too busy to check social media, here’s what sweeping the web these days: the mannequin challenge. What is it? As the name implies, it’s a short video that shows people doing something without moving a muscle—no blinking or breathing either!—for about a minute. Then somebody comes in to film the scene, showing close-up shots of motionless, mannequin-like people and when it’s done everybody cheers. Many say the trend started from high schoolers from Edward H. White High School in Jackson, Florida. But before you try your hand it, here are some of the best videos we’ve found on the Internet. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Blac Chyna: What Birthing Pains?

If only labor and giving birth were this easy (not to mention glamorous) for all women.

When Sea Lions Take on The Challenge

This definitely falls under the cute-need-more-videos-like-this-on-Mondays category.

Hillary Clinton: Don’t Stand Still. Vote Today

Now, if only Hillary didn’t blink.

Cristiano Ronaldo: You Can Totally Wash Clothes on his Abs

Ronaldo’s nakedness aside, that guy drying his hair was pretty funny.

When You Want to Do The Challenge But Have No Friends

It’s not the most popular video, but we’ve seen this at least five times and we still laugh at the ending.

LeBron James and the Caveliers Immortalize Their Visit At The White House

That selfie of LeBron James and Michelle Obama though

Team Kramer: Because Everything This Family Does is Adorable

We love Team Kramer!

Now this is Mannequin Challenge Goals

We just dropped the mic to BYU Cougars Gymnastics Team

When the Manila Traffic Situation is the Challenge


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