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Are You A March Baby? So Are These K-Pop Idols!

Find out which K-Pop idols you or your friends share a birthday with

March birthday celebrants, this one’s for you (all the more if you’re a K-Pop fan)!

Apart from the foreseeable birthday perks and fun activities you can map out on your special day, here’s one more thing to get excited about: celebrating your birthday with your favorite K-Pop idols who turn a year older just like you—and maybe with you. Pisces and Aries K-Pop fans, assemble and take a look!

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Suga of BTS

Birthday: March 9, 1993


via KProfiles

This month, the lead rapper of BTS turns the big 2-6!

Known as Min Yoon-gi out of the spotlight, this artist is famously known for adding his own flavor to hits like “Fake Love,” “DNA,” and “Fire:” just another reason to celebrate this Pisces baby’s contribution to the sound of one of South Korea’s most powerful boy groups.

Did you know, apart from performing with BTS, Suga also puts out solo work under the alias Agust D.


Birthday: March 27, 1997


via @lalalalisa_m

Earlier this year, BLACKPINK made a stop in the Philippines as part of their “In Your Area” world tour. It was monumental in that audiences got to witness first-hand the amazing talents of the youngest BLACKPINK member and the group’s main dancer and rapper, Lisa.

In a little under a month, this stellar K-pop star turns 22!

Irene of Red Velvet

Birthday: March 29, 1991


via redvelvet.smtown

Red Velvet is set to welcome the new month and celebrate two birthdays down the line. As one of the two March babies in the group (the other being YeRi), it’s hard to believe that Irene, the leader of this musical act, is only about to turn 28 years young. Like the rest of the six-woman team, she has certainly spent a large portion of her adult life in front of the camera and audiences.

Ju-ne OF iKON

Birthday: March 31, 1997


via @juneeeeeeya

The popular South Korean boy band’s main vocalist and lead dancer is an Aries baby.

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Ju-ne got his start in the industry quite early (at the tender age of 13) and his career has sky-rocketed since. He and his group iKON under YG Entertainment recently visited Manila and partnered up with Samsung Philippines as the brand launched the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Didn’t get to catch the almost-birthday boy live? Not to worry! The band is already planning their next Manila visit.

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Got that same Lisa of BLACKPINK energy? Find that you vibe with iKON’s Ju-ne? Maybe it’s your star sign that ties you guys together. Happy, Pisces and Aries season, K-Pop fans!

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