What We Can Expect From Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns in a big way

It was in 1964 when Mary Poppins, starring none other than Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, took the world by storm and started a cult following. Since then, generation after generation has fallen in love with the whimsical film for its characters, its songs and its endearing mix of animation and live action. But now there’s an entire world that’s waiting to fall in love with Mary Poppins Returns.

But before we get ahead of ourselves—likely, as the film is already showing in Philippine theaters—let’s keep in mind a few things:

It’s a sequel

Mary Poppins Returns is by no means a remake of the original film. The songs we fell in love with during those afternoons following school are not getting a revamp and we definitely won’t be seeing the same Mr. Banks and the same two children.

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Instead, Mary Poppins Returns takes place some decades after the first—not looking any day older, of course. After a personal loss, we see Michael and Jane Banks are now grown, with the former having three kids of his own.

Michael, now a bank teller himself, is facing the possibility of losing his home unless he finds a certificate proving that his father left him valuable shares. Who else can come save the day in song, dance and a few valuable lessons other than Mary Poppins?

Emily Blunt is genius in the role

There is some debate about how Golden Globe nominee Emily Blunt filled in the impeccable yet large shoes left by Julie Andrews. But with the understanding that no one can (and should even try to) duplicate the performance of Andrews, Blunt makes the role her own without losing the qualities that made us all fall in love with the nanny anyway. Without a doubt, she is still a warrior of imagination and a disciplinarian at heart with a smile that lights up the screen.

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That said, there are key differences between this Mary and the previous. This version is arguably wittier though slightly vainer as well. And her invitation to the animated world of imagination is—to not give anything away—more strange. Nevertheless, Blunt’s performance is something to see on its own.

It’s received some notable nominations (and promising reviews)

While the film didn’t take home any trophies in the recently concluded Golden Globe Awards, it did bag some great nominations. Blunt and her co-star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, each respectively got a nod for Best Performance by an Actress/Actor in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy). Marc Shaiman was also nominated for Best Original Score for a Motion Picture and Mary Poppins as a whole was in the running for Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy).

All in all, is Mary Poppins Returns worth more than 50 years of waiting? The answer is yes. The film may not be set in modern times, but we all definitely need this Blunt-Miranda pick-me-up.

Mary Poppins Returns is now showing. Get inside and not in line with GMovies, also available on iOS and Android.

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