4 Reasons to Say Thank You to Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is more than just All About the Bass


Meghan Trainor’s latest album, Thank You, is one hot drop that’s quickly taking over the music charts. Since shaking up the scene with her sound- and body-positive advocacy, Meghan has proven that she’s quite the musical force to be reckoned with—and she isn’t letting up. We’ve got proof.



1 Her latest album is more of the Meghan we’ve come to know and love

Her lead single off Thank You, titled No, debuted soon after Meghan won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Shortly after, the retro-pop song climbed up the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number five.



2 She’s going strong as a female empowerment advocate

Beyond her girl power songs, Meghan is just as uncompromising with the way she is portrayed in pop culture and mainstream media. She’s known to comment on and condemn any excessively Photoshopped or digitally altered images of herself, especially on magazine covers and music videos.



3 She’s back on the road after vocal cord surgery

Her 2015 MTour was derailed by a serious medical issue no singer would wish on her worst enemy. Meghan was advised to undergo complete rest and surgery for vocal cord hemorrhaging, which explains why she’s laid low for a while. But this 2016, she not only released a hot-new album, she’s also back on tour—an aptly-named one at that—Untouchable.


4 She’s got serious songwriting cred and her latest is pretty cool

Even before becoming an act herself, Meghan’s written songs for A-list artists (Rascal Flatts, anyone?). Her wellspring of musical influences and knowledge has made her an invaluable writer and even back-up vocalist for popular European acts, but her latest opus is a little closer to home. Last year, Meghan wrote the theme song for the highly anticipated Peanuts movie called Better When I’m Dancin.’


Meghan Trainor FTW.


Words by: Mich Lagdameo-Roque

Image by: Spotify, IG @meghan_trainor

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