Miley Cyrus Releases Malibu, We Take A Look At Her Musical Transformation

Her looks, her music and everything in between

Miley Cyrus has been a fixture in the music industry for years. Looking at her now, it’s hard to imagine that she was once a little Disney star that exclusively sung pop songs. She’s been through so much and she’s never been afraid to outwardly show it.

The Hannah Montana Phase

At the start of her career, Miley put on a blonde wig and sang her heart out as her Disney alter-ego, Hannah Montana. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t shake off the tunes and lyrics to “The Best Of Both Worlds.”

The First Love Stage

You know how people say that no one can hide being in love? That’s apparently true even if you’re an actress. Miley starred alongside Liam Hemsworth in “The Last Song" and the two fell head over heels for each other. And yes, we know it was for the soundtrack, but “When I Look At You” was heartfelt and you can’t deny it.


The Wild Child Chapter

After which, another transformation seemed to take place over night and stuck far longer than any of us anticipated. Miley was twerking on stage with Robin Thicke and she was wearing pasties as outerwear. But despite the seemingly crazy life she was leading, she still gave us powerful hits like “Wrecking Ball” that made us relate on an almost eerie level.

The Hippie Era

After her whirlwind escapades, Miley mellowed down a lot. She was working on collaborations for Happy Hippie, a non-profit that she put up herself in 2014. She was all about supporting the youth, the LGBTQ community and women in general. Our favorite was “Don’t Dream It’s Over” with Ariana Grande. That candid mistake in the middle and Miley admitting that she was flirting with Ari? Perfection.

The Calm, Focused and Rooted Present

Now Miley is set to release her most Miley album yet. Her first single is called “Malibu,” but we won’t get a listen until May 11. Nevertheless, we’re excited because she’s done most of the work herself, including the melodies and lyrics. We honestly, cannot wait to hear what she has in store for us. 

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