7 Mind-Blowing Animes You Can Watch on Netflix

Here are must-watch anime titles you can stream now

Anime has remarkably evolved and become more popular throughout the years. Because of this, animation studios continue to push the boundaries to tap a wider audience.

These days, viewers are no longer limited to titles led by powerful protagonists motivated by friendship. There are various genres and themes people can explore, such as slice-of-life, psychological thrillers and more.

So, to the common anime watcher conundrum: what anime should I watch next? Well, the choices are endless—time to make the most of your Netflix subscription and your HomeWATCH promo or broadband plan!

Here are some mind-boggling anime titles available on Netflix that you should include in your watchlist.


Psycho-Pass is a dystopian series set in futuristic Japan, where psychometric scanners can gauge a person's state of mind. That data is stored and processed within a system called Psycho-Pass and used to analyze someone's personality and criminal intent. The series follows Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kōgami, two law-enforcement officers tasked to manage crimes in a society where such a system exists.

Discover the true meaning of justice. Check out the Psycho-Pass trailer!


For science fiction buffs, Steins;Gate ticks all the boxes. The series revolves around time travel, with a "phone microwave" that can send emails to the past and change history. The character dynamics and relationships will pull you into their world and leave you invested in all of them—expect no less than thrilling twists and turns and surprising revelations!

Time leaps, dark twists and comedic innuendos in one show. Take a sneak peek at Okabe Rintarou’s adventures! 

"Neon Genesis Evangelion"

No self-respecting anime fan has not heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The show is centered around teenager Shinji Ikari and his experiences with giant robots called Evangelions. These machines are humanity's last hope in fighting Angels or alien beings that aim to destroy what remains of the world after the Second Impact.

Despite having robots, NGE isn't your typical mecha anime. Most of the characters are flawed, deeply disturbed and traumatized, which gives the show a touch of psychology and philosophy throughout all episodes and movies. But, this also makes it highly relatable, though recommended for mature audiences only. It's your best bet if you're looking for something with complex plots and themes.

Witness a masterpiece unlike any other. Have a quick look at Neon Genesis Evangelion’s trailer!

"Devilman Crybaby"

Devilman Crybaby has an interesting premise: demons can capture and override a human's body. But there's a risk: if the host is strong-willed, they can consume the devil's powers and keep their humanity, which is what happens to the "weak" Akira Fudou. From here on, it's going to be one hell of a ride watching Akira fight devils with the same crybaby heart.

From mind-blowing visuals to funky Japanese rap, Devilman Crybaby has it all for you!

"Dr. Stone"

Did you know that tungsten is the strongest natural metal on earth? This is just one of the interesting bits you'll learn in Dr. Stone. It follows Senku, a science genius, as he awakens several millennia after humanity turned to stone and begins his journey in releasing all humans from petrification. Dr. Stone gives an exciting twist to a post-apocalyptic theme.

If you want action, life lessons and a quick science refresher, Dr. Stone is a great anime that guarantees that you'll learn something new after every episode. For the best viewing experience possible, kick-start your binge-watching sessions by subscribing to a GoWATCH promo!

Take part in the journey of Senku Ishigami! Have a taste of what Dr. Stone has to offer! 

"High-Rise Invasion"

If you've seen Alice in Borderland and loved every second of it, High-Rise Invasion can deliver a similar rush. The show's protagonist, Yuri Honjo, is an average high school girl who suddenly wakes up in a world full of skyscrapers.

With no way to get to the ground, she and other civilians are trapped in high-rise buildings with masked murderers on the hunt. To find a way down and survive, they are faced with two options: fight or flee. The series will definitely make you wonder what you would do if you were in the same situation and if you would even make it out alive.

Will Yuri and her friends make it out alive? Take a quick look at the heart-stopping thriller of High-Rise invasion!

"Darwin's Game"

Looking for a battle-royale type of anime? Put Darwin's Game on your list! The series protagonist Kaname Sudou receives an invitation for a mobile game called Darwin's Game. As soon as he opens the app, though, a snake pops out and bites his neck. He suddenly finds himself in a battle game that's as real as it gets—a brutal fight to be the last man standing. It's terrifying yet enjoyable at the same time.

Who will be the last man standing? Get hyped and have a look at Darwin’s Game!

Set the Alarm for Your Netflix Anime Binge Session

With streaming services churning out a lot of anime titles continuously, it can be tricky to choose which one to watch next, especially when you feel like you've seen the best ones. Hopefully, this list offered new titles for you to enjoy.

Be frightened, fear and feel for the characters, and get stupefied with these amazing anime selections on Netflix! For an uninterrupted streaming experience at home or on the go, power up your binge-watching sessions with the best data promo that suits your needs. Check out our Go Promos Cheat Sheet to learn more!

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