Netflix's Money Heist: Why Everyone Is Talking About It

The best TV series you might not have heard of

It all begins with The Professor, a criminal mastermind who plans the biggest heist in history. To pull off this ambitious plan, he recruits a group of eight clever thieves (who have nothing to lose.) Money HeistLa Casa del Papel (house of paper) in Spanish—is an addictive three-part series and easily one of the best foreign TV series available on streaming service Netflix.

The Spansih crime drama centers on these highly experienced career criminals who carry out a plan to rob The Royal Mint of Spain or Casa de la Moneda (house of money) responsible for producing the country’s stamps and bank notes. Choreographed by a criminal mastermind, they lock themselves in for an 11-day intricate heist, taking authorities as hostage to help aid their plan. 

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Is it based on a true story? Largely no. The 2017 original release, initially intended to be a limited two-part series, was born from the imagination of creator Alex Pina and writer Esther Martinez Lobato. But, there are historically accurate elements within the shop like an Italian folk song Bella Ciao sung by some characters throughout the show, which originated in the 19th century as a form of rebellion against fascism. (The characters are rebelling against a capitalist system, after all.) 

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Rumor is its fourth installment is in the works—sooner than you think—and there is more than enough time to catch up. Stream Money Heist, available exclusively on Netflix! Get Netflix today with your Globe Postpaid plan at only P470 for 30 days. Just click here to register!

Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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