The Most Annoying Struggles Of Missing Your Favorite Shows

When spoilers become the number one enemy

We all have our favorite series to watch, which we (not so) patiently wait for every week. We count down the days and then the hours until we can get an hour or so further into the story. Some of us use our ninja skills to watch it at work, some of us push back our schoolwork and some of us let the kids use tablets so that we can have our TV time.

But because life has a way of getting in the way, we can’t always help missing an episode or two. And with that comes an onslaught of problems that we know you can relate to on a spiritual level.

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Having to get off social media

Social media is the devil when you miss an episode of a rather popular show. Within a minute of the ending credits, there are reactions, questions and straight up spoilers on Facebook, Twitter and Stories. And yes, you can always just stop yourself from opening your social media accounts, but that alone poses an entirely new set of troubles.

Having to stay away from groups

Barkada groups are norm now and we know you have that one friend that enjoys to see you suffer. Sometimes they only tease about telling you what happens in the episode, but sometimes they just tell it like it is. And there’s no greater pain than not knowing if your favorite character actually does die in the episode that you missed (well, not really).

When you just can’t relate

If you’re lucky enough to have friends that are sensitive to your viewing needs, you still have to suffer not being able to relate with them. Your online groups get flooded with gifs, exclamation points and question marks and you just don’t know why. What do they mean? Do they mean what you think they mean? Do they know what this is doing to you?

Not getting the same level of reactions

And then when you do finally get around to watching it, no one cares anymore—or at least, not as much. Your gifs are met with grunts, your exclamation points met with shrugs and your question marks met with logical answers.

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Unexpected spoilers

Try as you might, the chances of hearing spoilers are usually sky-high. And when they come, they come in waves. Your friends might accidentally spoil the breakup of your shipped couple, or the death of your favorite character, or you might unknowingly chance upon a very telling status. The landmines are everywhere and one false step could erupt everything.

Not getting the same #feels (in case you do get spoiled)

Hearing a few spoilers won’t stop you from still watching the show, of course. But because you already know what’s about to happen, it will never touch you the way it was supposed to. It’s like hearing about a surprise before it happens—it kind of ruins the point.

Missing your favorite show sucks on so many different levels—we know this like we know for a fact that fire is hot. If only life could work out the way we want it to, huh?

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