The Most Touching Movies To Watch With Your Mom

When all else fails, put a movie on

This Sunday may be Mother’s Day, but you should always make time for your mom. And while we may not always have the time and financial flexibility to take her out to a nice dinner, the easy alternative is to sit down together and watch a movie. We guarantee you’ll make her day, bar none.

My Sister’s Keeper

A dedicated mother, a terminally ill child and a sister that’s stuck in the middle. My Sister’s Keeper is all about the strength a mother has for her children, even at the most desperate and trying times.

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It’s difficult to be on the outside looking in, but it’s also difficult to live in fear of being pushed out. Despite it all, a mother will always choose what’s best for the children, even if it means swallowing her pride. 

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The Blind Side

A mother comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they come from the most unexpected places. The Blind Side is about overcoming social norms to defend those you hold close to your heart and how a mother will stand by her child to the very end.

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Ang Tanging Ina

There’s always more than enough love to go around if you’re a mom. And sometimes, even when we question their intentions or their ability to treat us all fairly, the truth is that they always have their hearts in the right place, no matter how misplaced our requests are.

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Speaking of what a mother will do for the betterment of children, it sometimes becomes more challenging when it means having to leave them behind. Anak is about the struggle of being an OFW, leaving family behind and then coming back to a less-than-understanding household.

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Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Often times, conflict is the result of misunderstanding. Sometimes, the foundation of ill feelings is an unnecessary one. In this story, a daughter lashes out on her mother without having the full picture. And when she finally has all the missing pieces, she finally understands.

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The Joy Luck Club

Each mother-daughter relationship is different and what one wants is hardly what the other is willing to give. Add in the complication of being raised in different cultures, and you have yourself a touching and incredibly relevant story that might just leave you in tears.

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