5 Movies to Watch With Your Sister/Brother on Siblings Day

Here’s how to celebrate your love-hate relationship

You may fight and have endless arguments with your siblings, but there's no way you can live without them. And what better way to celebrate your love-hate (but mostly, love) relationship with your brothers or sisters than on National Siblings Day. 

When is Siblings Day?

Siblings Day is celebrated every April 10. It's a special day to honor your relationship with your siblings and express how much you appreciate each other. 

Since the much-awaited bonding day is right around the corner, take time off your schedule and hatch a plan to get together. Perhaps you want to spend it munching on snacks without judgment while watching movies about siblings. 

What movies to watch with your sisters/brothers to celebrate Siblings Day?

Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013) (iflix)

This list wouldn't be complete without Four Sisters and a Wedding. It’s become a cult classic in the local scene. This comedy-drama film revolves around four sisters who try to stop the wedding of their younger brother. Along the way, secrets and hidden resentments amongst the family members are revealed.

There are just too many hilarious and tear-jerking iconic scenes that make this movie a meme machine. Get ready to laugh and cry while watching this on iflix

My Kuya's Wedding (2007) (Amazon Prime)

Another local stop-the-wedding movie by siblings (this should be its own category), My Kuya's Wedding, features Kat (Maja Salvador) as she tries to stop her brother's (Ryan Agoncillo) wedding, fearing she would be left alone once he's married. The relationship between the two will make your heart feel warm and fuzzy. Kat's antics as she tries to stop the wedding will undoubtedly tickle your funny bone! 

You can catch My Kuya's Wedding on Amazon Prime

Someone Great (2019) (Netflix)

Someone Great tells the story of a music journalist (Gina Rodriguez) who just broke up with her boyfriend of nine years. To help heal her broken heart, she calls her two best friends for one last rollercoaster adventure in New York City. Their story of sisterhood and life as they enter adulthood will definitely make you miss your closest friends—or your "sister/brother from another mother," as you probably call them. 

If you already have a Netflix subscription, that's great! If you don't have one yet, this is a sign that you should sign up now. You can subscribe even without a credit card. 

Read this to learn how to pay for Netflix without a credit card.

Birds of Prey (2020) (HBO Go)

The superhero blockbuster film follows Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) after her split with Joker. She is joined by other deadly women superheroes, Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya, to save a young girl from a crime boss.

The all-female superhero film is one of the greatest feminist releases of 2020. It's definitely fun to see a hive of strong women feuding with each other but still managing to get the work done. You can stream the Birds of Prey on HBO Go and subscribe through Globe for P149 per month. 

Little Women (2019) (Netflix)

Based on the classic novel of the same name, Little Women beautifully tells the story of the young March sisters, each one set on living life on their own terms. Romantic affections, sister rivalry, class divergence and a devastating loss—watch how they handle these situations, and maybe even relate to what they’re going through.

Grab a bucket of popcorn and a box of tissues and watch this with your siblings on Netflix. If you've managed to subscribe to Netflix without a credit card, you're in for countless nights of binge-watching. 

Bond Over Movies

The bond you form with your siblings through playful banters and low-key supportive actions is something special that neither you nor they can't form with anyone else. 

You can enjoy a variety of movies on streaming sites like Viu, Netflix, HBO Go Philippines, iflix and more by availing  HomeWATCH, HomeSURF or GoWATCH Globe promos. If you don't have plans yet for Siblings Day, these sisterly and brotherly movies are worth checking out!

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