Whatever Happened To Them? Musicians We Loved That Are Now MIA

You probably still listen to their old stuff

Music has this uncanny ability to bring us back to a time, a moment and a memory just because a song was playing at the time. Our first graduation, our first prom, our last walk up the stage, our first wedding—everything can be linked back to a few tunes.

Anyone up for a nostalgic spin back to our childhoods? With the added perk of knowing what some of our favorite bands are currently up to, of course.


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Ah, the boy bands of the 90s where *NSYNC (arguably) reigned supreme. Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick had us singing along and jumping around to their iconic hits like Bye, Bye, Bye until the early years of the 2000s. But then came the time when the boys grew up and started nurturing careers outside of the band.

But despite the years that have passed, *NSYNC still has a lot to celebrate. The group is celebrating the 18th anniversary of their third studio album, No Strings Attached today and they’ll be receiving their collective star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this April 30th.


In the early 2000s, A1 had two number one singles a several top 10 hits. But we didn’t see much of the band as personal reasons had Paul Maruzzi quitting in 2002.

But hey, you can’t ever really let go of music once you have your grip on it. Since the group split, Ben Addams appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and has written songs with Alexandra Burke and Westlife. Meanwhile, Mark Reed found other fame with Charlotte Church, Jarvis Cocker and Joe Brown. Then there’s Christian Ingebrigsten who experienced a lot of chart achievements in his native Norway.


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People have seen and heard René Dif invite Lene Nystrøm on a ride almost 500 million times on YouTube. Along with Søren Rasted and Claus Norreen, this group was virtually unstoppable. For a while, it seemed as if all their songs were hits with every MTV viewer memorizing their fun and seemingly carefree lyrics. Hey, Life in plastic—it’s fantastic!

While our fav Danish four-piece definitely isn’t under the same blinding international spotlight, the group has kept busy. They had a short tour in 2008 and followed this up with a greatest hits album that was released in 2009. And this May, the group is joining a wonderful lineup (including James Blunt and Nickelback) for Jelling Festival 2018 in Denmark.


What prom following 2005 was complete without Me And You playing through the loudspeakers? Just when we all started growing up and learning about love, there was Lifehouse showing us the way and making us believe the best was out there.

The group stayed out of the scene for a few years but returned in 2015 with a new album entitled Out of the Wasteland. Frontman Jason Wade told CBS News that making new music was like “starting all over again—like we found those kids in the garage who are excited to play music again.”


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Others consider Hoobastank a one-hit-wonder, largely because no other songs of theirs have come close to the success of The Reason. Nevertheless, that 2003 power ballad has cemented itself into best-of-2000s playlists—and there might be more coming.

A quick visit to the group’s still-active social media accounts confirms that Doug Robb, Dan Estin, Chris Hesse and Jesse Charland are in the studio and cooking up something new.


So, where did these songs take you? A road trip, a date, a dance? Don’t let us get in the way and continue the walk down memory lane.

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Ara Custodio

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