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7 Must-Read Tips from Successful Content Creators

7 Must-Read Tips from Successful Content Creators

Becoming a content creator means more than just churning posts. Crafting stories that click with your audience involves art, strategy, and a sprinkle of innovation—something creative influencers like Pio Dumayas, Mela Habijan, and Pat Tingjuy have mastered.

How do these artists keep up with ever-changing algorithms and stay connected with their followers? Here are their tips on creating authentic content to hook an audience.

1. Cultivate authenticity.

Mela Habijan

Photo Credit: Mela Habijan

"I want my content to educate, inspire, and hopefully, create an impactful change in culture," explains Mela Habijan.

Content creators must stay current with the latest catchy hashtags and social media challenges. But success doesn't mean joining every trending bandwagon to remain fresh and relevant to your audience.

"Honestly, it's hard for me to cope with trends," admits writer and actress Habijan, who won the first Miss Trans Global crown in 2020.

Habijan performed dance challenges when she first joined TikTok (@missmelahabijan). However, her views on the app grew when she created content grounded on her personality and LGBTQIA+ advocacy. Her second episode of #MahalagangMELAManMo, which explains gender identity and sexual characteristics, got almost half a million views.

The beauty queen now lets authenticity guide her creation process and decides what to produce and share. "I realized that my power lies with my voice. Whenever I create content, I anchor it with my purpose and who I am."

2. Pay attention to your content's impact.

Trustworthiness, originality, and genuine passion shine brighter than fleeting trends. While numbers matter, don't let the pressure of likes, follows, and shares dim your creativity.

Instead, Habijan advises, "Focus on the impact of your content. One soul affected, or one life inspired is more than enough."

3. Find inspiration in everyday experiences.

Pat Tingjuy

Photo Credit: Pat Tingjuy

"I think you can't force creativity, so I give myself the time and space to let the inspiration flourish," says Pat Tingjuy.

Tingjuy became a licensed architect to create meaningful spaces and buildings that could outlive her. But she never imagined her love for playing volleyball would lead to her first acting job in a bank TV commercial in 2022.

Less than a year after the commercial aired, she won Best Actress in Cinemalaya 2023 for Rookie, a coming-of-age movie about two volleyball players and queer love. 

"I never intended to pursue a career in acting, but a part of me felt like it was something I would love and enjoy. It's honestly surreal, and it's a dream I never actually thought would come true."

Whether she's designing, acting or modeling, Tingjuy's creative approach is to give herself time and space to let inspiration flourish.

"I try to get ideas from the everyday experiences that I have as inspiration for my social media posts. I use it as fuel to either start new ideas from scratch or use it to build upon the things that I have already been working on."

4. Convert lifelong passion into content.

Pio Dumayas

Photo Credit: Pio Dumayas

"I think people should first find out what kind of content or music they like before they decide to go full time," advises Pio Dumayas.

Creative pursuits start with what you know or love. In Dumayas' case, genuine and relatable content had sprouted from a lifelong hobby. 

He got into music in high school to fit in better with his musically inclined friends. The hobby became a career as the songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist of the beloved Filipino rock band Lola Amour.

Dumayas co-wrote the band's latest massive hit, "Raining in Manila"; the lyric YouTube video alone got 33 million views. The song also went viral on TikTok and earned a parody from funnyman Michael V.

His advice for people who want to become content creators or musicians? "People should first find out what content they like before going full-time. That can even help because [it makes them] more open to learning from mistakes."

5. Be open to learning outside your comfort zone.

Dumayas, a video producer and show host at VICE Asia, also draws inspiration from other content creator who have "a passion for knowing, discovering, and sharing things"—and they're not always musicians. 

One of his favorites is a couple whose TikTok account (@thelostfilipinocookbook) is about Filipino heritage cooking. Dumayas explains, "It's a good counterbalance to all the consumerist content that I see on my feed."

6. Celebrate progress.

No matter their popularity, a content creator still battles with self-doubt. It's also challenging to avoid obsessing about hitting specific metrics. But what sets one apart is how they use difficulties or failures to propel them forward.

"Embrace mistakes!" Habijan advises. "While it's hard for our ego to take in mistakes, which are inevitable, they lead to learning and growth." 

 As Tingjuy puts it, "Trust yourself and stick to your goals. Just keep doing what you're doing, and eventually, you'll find fulfillment in the path you chose."

7. Create for a cause.

Creating content can be a powerful way to make a positive impact. It lets you use your creativity to spark conversations, drive change, and connect with like-minded people who share your passion.

For instance, Habibijan's #MakePHSchoolsInclusive campaign for the LGBTQIA+ community led to discussions with the Department of Education, the Commission on Higher Education, and various academic institutions.

"I am proud to see small but meaningful wins in over a year. Several schools now welcome, celebrate, and embrace trans and non-binary students and teachers."

Becoming a successful content creator isn't just about achieving viral fame but also a fun, creative and gratifying process. See where this rewarding journey can take you with G Creator Con, where Globe supports top content creators with cash, a 5G-enabled device, and inclusion into the Globe Gen G Rising Makers roster. Who knows? You may discover you can create change in the world, one post at a time. Log into your GlobeOne app to know more!

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