NBA 2K18 Comes out Next Week! Here's What You Need to Know

The latest installment of the best-selling basketball simulation video game is almost here! Take-Two Interactive’s NBA 2K returns this month with major upgrades (visuals are even better than before, showcasing an impressive 4K resolution and 60 frames per second), new features and an entirely brand new playing. Now the question is, are you ready to run the neighborhood?

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NBA 2K18 is a game-changer: offering revamped shot mechanics, the integration of All-Time Teams, progression bars (finally) in the MyCareer mode and enhanced roles for basketball coaches (will your player’s dynamics mesh well with your coach’s style or system?)

Alongside PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, NBA 2K18 will be available for the first time on the Nintendo Switch. Ahead of the big release, a couple of things you need to know:

Teams get “Statement” alternate uniforms by Nike.


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According to ESPN correspondent Nick DePaula, each NBA team will have four jersey options: Association in classic white, Icon in the respective team’s color, Athlete Mindset (AKA the statement jersey) and Community.


The Neighborhood mode will allow you to customize the look of your player.







Hairdos and beards (yes, customize your own facial hair) are all on the neighborhood’s barbershop menu. This NBA 2K feature allows you to enhance your player’s image—he has to be the whole package if he wants to score things like brand endorsements and hosting deals, right?


You can hit the gym, too.





Working out will help you level up your stats.


The MyCareer, MyGM and MyLeague modes got a major upgrade.


“MyGM will now incorporate the use of cutscenes that play out the bigger moments and give it more of a MyCareer feel. This new approach has been dubbed ‘The Next Chapter’ and will certainly improve upon the already solid foundation of MyGM,” says Heavy.com gaming writer Elton Jones. “MyTeam makes its return and once again gives players the chance to create their own dream team through the use of virtual trading cards. Players will take their custom team into tournament competition against other squads, get rewarded with VC (Virtual Currency), purchase new card packs and acquire new players and gear for their roster. The video posted above offers more insight into MyTeam’s overall structure.”


16 new classic teams will join the NBA 2K18 roster.

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So far, 2K has rolled out: the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors, 2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks, 2011-2012 New York Knicks, 2010-2011 Chicago Bulls, 2007-2008 New Orleans Hornets, 2013-2014 Indiana Pacers, 2007-2008 Denver Nuggets, 2011-2012 Oklahoma City Thunder, 2003-2004 LA Lakers, 2001-2002 New Jersey Nets, 1996-1997 Miami Heat and 1998-1999 New York Knicks.


Players can earn Virtual Currency by taking basketball trivia quizzes.





Put your basketball knowledge to the test by taking trivia challenges in The Neighborhood’s 2K Zone. Earn 25 VC instantly for every correct answer.


NBA 2K has updated Kyrie Irving’s cover following the trade to the Celtics from the Cavaliers.


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“I'm a huge gamer. There's always a competition going on in my house. Me and my friends have these unbelievable competitions and my competitive streak sometimes gets the best of me,” Irving told the Associated Press. “It's pretty cool that they even considered me for the cover. To be gracing the cover is pretty amazing. I'm glad that I can share it with not only my teammates but the organization, our Cleveland fans and just NBA fans in general.”


Ahead of the release, fans can get their hands on the Prelude demo.


NBA 2K18 launches worldwide on September 19 and will be available on PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows and Xbox 360.



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