The Many Ways To Experience Netflix’s Bright Blockbuster

Take the action with you anywhere 

By definition, a blockbuster is a movie or book of great size and power, which is why it makes so much sense that blockbuster films have traditionally been shown on the large screen. We’ve all gone our way to the mall, lined up for tickets, bought snacks, stood in front of the door and sat down on a chair for two hours to watch the magic of cinema unfold before us. It’s a great—albeit old—experience.

And while we do get the chance to watch blockbusters in the comfort of our homes now, it doesn’t come without a price. Home viewing has only ever come months, if not years, after cinema premieres. And at that point, the hype around the film has significantly decreased and the spoilers have undoubtedly reached our ears (or eyes).

Get ready though, because Netflix is about to change the game. Set in an alternate universe and starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, Bright is an action film of epic proportions that is playing everywhere.

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Watch wherever

Because this blockbuster is a Netflix original, you can literally watch the Bright premiere wherever there’s an internet connection. Love your best friend’s surround sound setup? Do you prefer the bed over the couch?  Stuck in traffic? Out of town? It doesn’t matter, because you’ll have the opportunity to watch this action blockbuster pretty much wherever you choose.  

Watch whenever

The premiere of Bright is set to hit all screens on December 22, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt to see it another time. Already have a Christmas party to attend that night? Long day at work and you just want to hit the hay? You won’t have to cancel plans or stay up longer than you can just because; watch the film whenever it’s most convenient for you.

But as a side note, trust us when we say you’re going to want to see Bright sooner rather than later.

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Watch with whomever

We don’t wish it upon anyone, but sometimes we catch a movie with certain film-goers that just aren’t our cup of tea. Ever gotten your chair kicked by the one sitting behind you? Got distracted by a phone ringing or a screen lighting up? Heard spoilers from a know-it-all beside you? Unfortunately and frustratingly, the list goes on and on.

With Bright, who you watch with is in your control. Get your boys ready for an action-packed night, get the girls together for a slumber party or introduce the younger generation to the actors that you grew up and fell in love with.

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The combinations and possibilities are endless. Our advice? Lock down your favorite and get comfortable, because Netflix’s Bright premieres December 22. Of course, if you can’t decide the best way, then you could just watch it again (and again and again). 

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