Nine New Tracks to Check Out on Spotify: October 2020

Choice tracks for your consideration

There’s just something energizing about October. It’s scary, at the same time, to think we’ve already entered the last quarter of the year. Even scarier: not much has changed with regard to our quarantine status. But looking at the silver lining here, there’s comfort in knowing that the excitement over the holidays (starting appropriately with Halloween, of course) can be enough to temper the quarantine blues. And if there’s anything the past seven months have taught us anyway, it’s that music has a way of helping us make it through.

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So let the excitement commence, because October is going to be a good one. It’s the month of new BLACKPINK (on October 2), The Vamps (on the 16th) and Boy Pablo (on the 23rd). Then, it closes off with a bang with releases like Sam Smith’s Love Goes and Meghan Trainor’s A Very Trainor Christmas.

For now, though, let’s ease into October and take it nice and steady. We invite you to skip the thorough review of that “New Releases” tab and jump straight to the earworms for the month. Scroll through for the nine new tracks you should check out.

“Ew” by Joji

Album Nectar

“Unti-Unti” by UDD

Soundtrack Gaya Sa Pelikula

“Minsan” by One Click Straight


“Visual Aerobics” by Wallows


“Stuck On You” by Giveon

EP When It’s All Said And Done

“Hue” by August Wahh


“Not Another Love Song” by Ella Mai


“Bet You Wanna (feat. Cardi B)” by BLACKPINK

Album The Album

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