9 New Tracks to Check out on Spotify: September 2019

This month, we’re putting the focus on melodic comebacks from your favorite award-winning artists

If you’re listening to the bestselling album of 2019 on loop, same. We’re still reeling from Lover, Taylor Swift’s comeback after two years. The Man is arguably the catchiest among the diverse selection of synth-pop ballads. It also packs a powerful punch with bold lyrics like “If I was out flashin' my dollas, I'd be a bitch, not a baller. They'd paint me out to be bad so it's okay that I'm mad.”

Ironically, her ex-beau John Mayer did the same with the lighthearted ode to singleness Carry Me Away. After years of silence, indie favorites Bombay Bicycle Club and Death Cab for Cutie surprised their fans with a new single and a new EP entitled The Blue—for the latter. 

Still on a lookout for new music? Novices Snoh Aalegra, Amber Mark and Sabrina Claudio, alongside Gallant may be your saving grace. These singer-songwriters have what it takes to be the new faces of R&B. Let’s not forget Electric Guest and their reggae-pop single just in time for their album KIN out next month. 

Listen away! 

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“The Man” by Taylor Swift 

Album: Lover

“Carry Me Away” by John Mayer 


“Situationship” by Snoh Aalegra

Album: -Ugh, those feels again

“Summer Girl” by Haim


“What If” by Amber Mark


“Compromise” by Gallant ft. Sabrina Claudio


“More” by Electric Guest


“Kids in ‘99” by Death Cab for Cutie

EP: The Blue

Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You) by Bombay Bicycle Club


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Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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