Life 101: Nico Bolzico Teaches Us to Roll with It

Model, businessman, husband, endorser: take a peek into Nico Bolzico’s life

Before we enjoyed Nico Bolzico’s quirky Instagram posts, we first got a glimpse of him as a businessman rumored to be dating Solenn Heussaff. However, Nico was well-deserving of all the attention even before getting hitched to the celebrity It Girl.

Before meeting Solenn, Nico was a businessman who visited the Philippines for a short time to expand his business. As fate would have it, something caught him off guard and made him stay longer. Flash forward to 2019, Nico has been around for 8 years and counting, but his he’s doing far more than just handling his business. He is also now a celebrity, an endorser and a model, too. One thing’s for sure: we can all learn a thing or two from Mr. Bolzico about taking life by the reins.

Humble Beginnings

Nico came from a family of farmers in Argentina. His idea to bring their innovation and agricultural style to the Philippines marked the unassuming beginning of his career. Despite the eyebrows he raised along the way, Nico was never afraid to tell the world that he was a farmer back home, because behind his business was the genuine desire to help people. Through his connections as a businessman, Nico was able to meet Solenn.

As Nico grew into the relationship with Solenn, the businessman could not avoid the spotlight himself. Today, as a model and an endorser, Nico shares the same limelight with his other half. 

When Life Gives You an It Girl, Become an It Boy

The It Girls of Manila have found their counterparts. Given Solenn’s career path, Nico was eventually introduced to a larger audience and a circle of celebrity friends. Life has given Nico more people to know and hang out with, and if the constant Instagram updates are any indication, he’s adapted to life here just fine.

It’s All About Balance

His life may seem ideal, but that’s the tip-of-the-iceberg magic of social media stardom working its magic. Between family, friends, business and his multiple careers, Nico strikes a balance between every aspect of his life. And hey, isn’t that something we can all relate to? When the world moves as fast as it does, it’s easy to forget that responsibilities can sometimes take a backseat.

The Limelight is Not Blinding

In one of Nico’s posts from Instagram, he made a serious post showing him carrying the Taho vendor’s everyday equipment and the vendor beside him. Nico expressed his appreciation and admiration for the vendor who works really hard. To end his post, he said “There is only one idol in this picture and it is definitely not me.”

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SERIOUS POST ALERT Meet Henry Leonardo, 39 years old, he wakes up every day at 4 am, commutes 2 hours and arrives in our village by 6 am. He walks with his Tajo equipment all over the village for 6 hours, he does this to provide for his wife and 2 kids since 1998. Every time I run in the village, or walk #Pochola, I see him, and every time I see him, he always gives me a massive smile and a happy good morning, he also greets Pochi if she is with me! This is one of many stories of Filipinos that are fighting every day, doing long commutes and sacrificing a lot of time with their families to be able to provide or fulfill their dreams, and they all have a common factor: they all smile. I have been in the country for 8 years already and I can tell that the smile is the strongest Filipino weapon, it is something that never stops to amaze me, how most of the Filipinos irradiate happiness not matter what! We are always looking for people to motivate us, inspire us, we are always looking up to idols; in my view, life is about discipline, hard work, perseverance, honesty and love; and we can find that in most of the people around us, Henry is just one example of all that, but there are many. I encourage you to just look around, be aware of that and return that smile, maybe you are one of these examples! If that is the case, this post is to encourage and celebrate you! The capability to smile no matter the circumstances is what makes this country invincible. There is only one idol in this picture, and it is definitely not me. #TheRealIdols

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On top of the endorsements he has under his belt and the events he attends, Nico is a living, breathing, Instagramming reminder that not all heroes wear capes.

From Real to Reel

With all the photos, videos, and interviews that have made rounds in the last few years, Nico has proven that he definitely isn’t afraid to be the same guy in real life and on the reel. No filter, no pretensions. Perhaps this is why his Instagram following has spilled over a million. Imagine that, a million people waiting for #Wifezilla and #BulliedHusbandClub shenanigans. 

Recently, Nico and Solenn both took to the Internet to announce that they will soon become a family of three. #SosBolz, meet #BabyBolz. 

This farmer-turned-businessman-turned-celebrity-turned-future dad is definitive proof: there’s no single route to happiness nor success. We can own our moment, too—through our choices, our time, our stories. Perhaps all we need is a little faith in ourselves to get the ball rolling.

Words Kaycee Villameter

Art Alex Lara

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