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On The Job: Erik Matti’s Continues Masterpiece In A Miniseries - go!

On The Job: Erik Matti’s Continues Masterpiece In A Miniseries And Movie Sequel

If there is anything to look forward to this year in Philippine entertainment, this is it

“On The Job” is arguably one of the best-made films in Philippine cinemas for at least the last decade. And with a cast of Joel Torre, Gerald Anderson, Piolo Pascual and Joey Marquez being directed by none other than Erik Matti, there really is no wonder why many people consider this as so. The movie was even screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

Here’s the deal.

The movie followed a complicated and incredibly illegal practice: Hiring prisoners to be hitmen. Daniel Benitez (Anderson) and Mario “Tatang” Maghari (Torre) were released from jail to murder individuals as instructed, before returning to their jail cells. They received notable compensation, with each men spending it as they wished. The idea was that no one would suspect, and therefore catch, them if they were already in jail. 

But what movie is great without a little conflict and struggle?

NBI Agent Coronel (Pascual) and Sergeant Joaquin Acosta (Marquez) eventually take on the case of the murder of a man named Tiu. Coronel then discovers the identity of Tatang. The encounters between the two pairs make for great action, mystery and drama.

And in moving forward.

After the success of “On The Job,” it was confirmed that there would be a mini series lined up. Well, it has just been announced that the production team is going to do one better. The pilot episode of that series is being turned into a movie instead. The rest of the episodes will remain a mini series.

The sequel will tie in nicely to the events of the original and will introduce new names to the franchise. Bela Padilla and Teroy Guzman play two journalists who are investigating the massacre of eight other reporters. Meanwhile, Leo Martinez (who is reprising his role as General Pacheco), Neil Ryan Sese, Dominic Ochoa, Smokey Manaloto, Arjo Atayde and Ria Atayde round up the rest of the main cast.

The movie is scheduled for release on HOOQ this August. The five-part miniseries will follow a month after. 

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