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Meet the Other Members of Coldplay

And they're just as talented as Chris Martin

We're all excited about Coldplay's live stream concert this Sunday, August 21 at Rose Bowl in L.A. But what else do we know about the alternative rock band other than Chris Martin and their moody but saccharine hits we all listen to?

Meet the anonymous members of Coldplay. Because they’re just as vital to making music magic that makes people believe in love as their nerdy but adorable vocalist. 

Jonny Buckland, lead guitarist and co-founder of the band

Jonny met his future band mates Chris, Guy and Will in uni while studying astronomy and mathematics. His guitar-playing skills is out-of-this-world but he knows how to play other instruments, too, like sitar, mandolin and the sax.

Jonny was also a former vegetarian but maintains Meat Free Mondays with the rest of the band, has two kids with his wife Chloe Evans and is almost never seen without a hat—except for this one time.

He also wrote this note about the band’s first gig ever:

Ok! RT @coldplay Jonny wrote a while back about Coldplay's first ever show (as Starfish) which was 15 years ago today!

— Jonny Buckland (@JonnyBuckland_) January 16, 2013

Will Champion, drummer and backing vocalist

Will is a multi-instrumentalist, a Southhampton F.C. fan and worked for Ricky Gervais before Coldplay. He had no experience with drums prior but got the hang of the beat quickly. He’s said to be the most sensible out of the four and often has the casting vote in making band decisions.

Like the rest of his band mates, Will is a family man. He has a daughter and fraternal twins with wife Marianne Dark.

What else? The hard-hitting drummer made a cameo in GoT season 3.

Guy Berryman, bassist

Guy is a leftie but plays the bass right-handed. While the rest of the band was getting their college degree, he switched courses twice—engineering to architecture—before focusing on his music and working the bar at a local pub in London.

He’s into photography, antiques, particularly juke boxes, and likes to jog. They say he does it around concert venues just before they go on stage—just past the fans outside!

What we wish he'd do again: take photos of the band with a disposable camera to give to the fans.

Photos by: Instagram, Celebmix

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