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The PH Lands 2nd and 5th in Tekken 7 At Abuget Cup 2017 | go! | Globe

The PH Lands 2nd and 5th in Tekken 7 At Abuget Cup 2017

Making another mark in the gaming realm

As far as gaming franchises go, very few are as trusted as Tekken. The title itself gives joy to a lot of players from every generation that ever got their hands on the game. And with its years in the market (as well as the Filipinos’ penchant for gaming), it’s really no wonder why our players are doing so well.

The Abuget Cup 2017

With REV Major Philippines behind us, it was time to look forward to the Abuget Cup 2017 that was held in Indonesia. Some players were familiar as they were coming hot off REV Major.

Korea’s Knee and Echo Fox | Saint were in attendance, as well as Japan’s GetNews | Pekos and Cyclops | Tanukana. There was also Thailand’s UDG | Book, Malaysia’s Armageddon | Arenz and Indonesia’s Armageddon | Meat. Of course, our very own Alexandre “PBE.AK” Laverez and Andreij “PBE.Doujin” Albar were also at the tournament.

Friend or foe

After the top 8 players were announced, PBE.AK was defeated by Knee and had to face off against PBE.Doujin in the losers bracket. It wasn’t the most ideal battle as it meant that only one of our players could proceed in the tournament. Nevertheless, the boys gave it their all without holding anything back. In the end, it was PBE.Doujin that won the Tekken 7 battle with PBE.AK landing 5th place overall.

Eyes on the prize

Knowing it was up to him to bring the prize home, PBE.Doujin gathered his energy and concentrated on the tough road ahead of him. He defeated UDG | Book and then had to face off against Echo Fox | Saint, who placed second at one of the biggest game tournaments in the world, EVO 2017. In the end, PBE.Doujin landed the Korean in third place.

The final battle

Despite his best efforts, PBE.Doujin’s Lars was unable to make a dent in the defense of Knee’s Bryan in his final Tekken 7 battle of the tournament. Every attempt at offensive attack was virtually rejected and Knee finished with a 3-0 victory.

Nevertheless, we couldn’t be more proud!

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