The Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly: A Can’t Miss This Summer

Here’s everything that’s going down



The Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly is an annual event that online gamers look forward to every year—it’s the e-Sports event of the season. From April 28-April 30, you can enjoy all things gaming. That includes competitions, booth activities and freebies. Despite all this, however, there are three major highlights to look forward to. 




The W00T App Store is a Globe exclusive digital distribution platform for various mobile applications. It will allow users to browse, download and pay for app and in-app purchases. Learn more about it at PGF.


eGG Network

Last year, Globe solidified its partnership with Astro, which gave you access to the eGG Network. This year, PGF participants will get the chance to audition to be the first ever Filipino eGG host. All you’ll need to do is create an audition piece that covers the event.


If that isn’t your thing, then eGG still has something for you. PindaPanda, Team Fnaic and DJ Fnatic will also be at PGF—just keep your eye out for them!


Mobile Legends Tournament

Globe will be hosting a live Mobile Legends tournament at this year’s Pinoy Gaming Festival. Anyone can enter, but there are only 64 slots available. Each team must consist of 5 players (and one reserve at the most), each with at least a Level 8 account and 5 heroes. Registration is from 10AM-11:30AM every day of the festival, so get there early if you want to join.


All you need is a mobile device with internet connectivity that can play Mobile Legends. And don’t worry about data, because Globe will have you covered with WiFi and GoSurf50. Don’t miss out on this chance to showcase your talent and win a cash prize of P25,000 as well as 25,000 in Diamonds.


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