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Pinoy Horror Films That Deserve Your Attention This Spooktober - go!

Pinoy Horror Flicks That Deserve Your Attention This Spooktober

For Halloween and beyond

With Halloween around the corner, trick or treating may have to be cancelled with social distancing still encouraged. Parents, you can always think of creative ways to keep the spooky season real at home, whether it’s reusing decorations—or even designing them with the kids—or actually going all-out and doing a candy treasure hunt of sorts! 

Fortunately, there are always horror films and TV series to retreat to. Whether it’s rewatching classic Filipino favorites like Sukob, Feng Shui and Shake, Rattle and Roll or discovering a more pensive horror genre, taas-balahibo entertainment is always within your reach. 

Looking for titles to stream on Netflix for the month? Read ahead. 

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After a passenger ship runs aground on rocks off an island, Leana, an islander innkeeper, and her younger sister Rita look for missing bodies amid the wreckage.

Stream Aurora here


A student’s suicide rattles a Catholic all-girls school, and a curious guidance counselor discovers the abusive past of the convent. 

Stream Eerie here


A desperate mother takes a demanding job as a call center agent as medical expenses for her daughter pile up. The sinister building begins to haunt her. 

Stream Sunod here

Kuwaresma (Entity)

A man returns home to search for the reason behind the mysterious passing of his twin sister and discovers ominous family secrets.

Stream Kuwaresma here

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