Top 5 Podcasts to Help You Deal With Creative Block

In a creative slump? We’ve got the best podcasts to help you tread through this barren land

Burnout, paralysis, creative block…call it what you want. It’s a commonplace, even predictable, hurdle which creatives have to course through. There are days when it’s difficult to produce organic content or even just finish that deadline. Fortunately, there are countless of resources to utilize when work needs to be done. Most of the time, it’s best to step away from that restricted space and recharge by looking through another person’s lenses.

If you are hopelessly treading through creative dryness or are simply in need of encouragement or affirmation, here are podcasts to listen to and reflect on. Listen while finishing that illustration or during your commute home—thank us later!

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The Accidental Creative

If your attention span is short or you possibly just have a few minutes to spare, The Accidental Creative is easy to gobble up and consume. Host, Todd Henry, is a creative consultant and author of books (The Accidental Creative, Herding Tigers, Die Empty and Louder Than Words). His 15-minute podcasts target creative leaders and professionals, providing them with practical ways to collaborate seamlessly while thriving under pressure. With titles like “How to Dance with Uncertainty,” “Where Creative Pros Get Stuck” and “3 Ways to Gain Creative Focus,” you’ll easily feel less alone.

Creative Pep Talk

Andy Miller a.k.a Andy J. Pizza is an illustrator extraordinaire and speaker, with clients like Nickelodeon, Amazon, The New York Times and YouTube. He shares weekly monologues and interviews with creative geniuses who’ve mastered their craft through years of hard work and experience—most recently actor-director and creative entrepreneur Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He offers actionable ways to help build a thriving creative career through strategic performance hacks and fresh marketing tactics. Whether you’re a creative professional or a hobbyist, it’s worth a listen.

The Futur Podcast

Emmy-winning director and entrepreneur, Chris Do, is at the helm of The Futur Podcast where he discusses the business of design and creative entrepreneurship. He empowers creatives through business strategy. Learn from relevant key speakers like Jamie Myrold, vice president of Adobe Design, and Joey Korenman, founder of School of Motion.

TED Talks Daily

Never stop learning with Ted Talks Daily featuring a multitude of thought-provoking topics like loneliness, introversion, gender and sexuality—possibly anything. There are moments when we’re stuck and for us to move again, we just need to hear from people with different perspectives or the complete opposite, something that resembles our own experiences.

Hillsong Creative Podcast

Be encouraged and inspired by Hillsong Church’s Rich Langton. Listen to diverse outlooks from a multitude of creative experts—producers, artists and influencers—from all over the world. The Hillsong Creative Podcast fosters an environment “where creatives and artists can gather to explore our calling, respond in worship and create with beauty.”

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