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Podcasts To Keep You Company During These Times - go!

Thought-starting material on media, celebrities, pop culture and beyond

There’s an inexplicable kind of dread that inevitably comes with today’s political situation. There’s a virus outside and turmoil online and, while many of us are lucky enough to have a home to return to and supplies to last the rest of this period, there’s an unsettling stomach churn that accompanies the thought of the others, the future, the country.

In frankly fearful times such as these, staying hopeful is a difficult task in itself. It goes without saying now: It’s our job as citizens to stay informed, but when we need to, hitting pause and taking a breather is a welcome option.

One of the best ways? Tuning into podcasts. Spotify houses a diverse assortment of podcasts worth listening to—from broadcasts about real-life stories to thriving businesses to pop culture and media—and they make pretty good material for both mental breaks and thought-starting, if you ask us.

In between working from home, keeping your health in check, updating yourself via credible news sources and giving back to the brave healthcare workers on the frontlines, let these podcasts keep you company.

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Reply All

Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, Reply All is a gorgeously honest snapshot at living in the time of the internet and a reminder that we’re all just trying to survive.

Business of HYPE

Business of HYPE isn’t just a show about success stories—it’s a peek into the youth culture of today. Featuring interviews with artists, brand-builders and innovators of all kinds, this HYPEBEAST podcast hosted by jeffstaple slices and dices struggle, spadework and success into genuine, relatable chunks.

Ologies with Alie Ward

There’s something delightfully charming—and admittedly relatable—about asking smart science specialists stupid questions. Touching on everything from the ground to the seas to the skies, you’ve never heard science quite this bizarre.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Actor, director and writer Dax Shepard hosts Armchair Expert, a podcast that zeroes in on, as he so aptly words it, “the messiness of being human.” Vulnerable and honest, Armchair Expert makes the most of the shortcomings that come along with life and teaches us to roll with the punches.

Keep It!

Sitting right at the three-way intersection of popular culture, society and politics, Keep It! tackles how these facets of modern life brush elbows with one another. Expect music, TV, movies, music, activism and lots of insight you never knew you needed.

Citations Needed

Aptly described as a podcast about the intersection of media, PR and power, Citations Needed unpacks social and political topics in a way that makes us do a double-take. How can we consume and create media more critically?

Ear Hustle

What is life like inside prison? What is life like after prison? How do ex-convicts weave their way back into society? Ear Hustle proves these questions are best answered with candid, harrowing, honest stories.

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