Costume Ideas for Halloween 2016 Based on Pop Culture

Just in case you don’t know who to dress up as yes. Besides, you can’t go wrong with what’s trending


Because what girl doesn’t want to be Eleven? Besides, she’s the new girl power

What you need

Dig up your Peter Pan-collared dresses from 2011, throw on a blue bomber jacket or parka and pair with trusty white sneakers. Or just get an oversized yellow shirt—this easy costume idea can be borrowed from the boys—and pour all your effort into perfecting your makeup

Complete the look


Felicity Jones takes on Jyn Erso’s character, and we’re loving the rebel look and slept-in eye makeup

Photo via Reddit

What you need

Go through your closet and find all that’s black, browns and dusty green. You’ll also need a black scarf to wear as headgear and brown fingerless gloves to complete the vibe

Get in the mood


Nothing says the Halloween costume of 2016 quite like Harley Quinn—the character many of us will probably be dressed up as this year. Margot Robbie makes bad look so good, that we don't mind if everybody else shows up at a party looking like her

What you need

A red bomber jacket, a statement or plain white tee you can paint on and puncture (again, things you can find in your closet or somebody else’s) sequined underwear and fishnet stockings—these you might have to buy. Add a pile of gold accessories, a black belt, a baseball bat and white heeled boots, and you’re good to go

Complete the look with the right hair and makeup


Because he’s the new superhero everybody’s talking about

Photo via The New Yorker

What you need

Seriously, just a gray hoodie you can put holes in and a badass ‘tude to match

Get in the mood


In the spirit of Halloween, let’s be bad and dress up as the adorable villains of Pokemon

Photo via James de la Team Rocket

What you need

An all white outfit, which you and your friend/s already have in your closet. Black rubber gloves, available in the supermarket! Because creative halloween costumes are made up of stuff you already have or are easily available. See how far your creativity will take you and watch how to get Jessie's hair below.

Complete the look and nail Jessie’s Hair

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