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Globe /Poppin! Is Your New Pop Culture Source - go!

Globe /Poppin’ Is Your New Pop Culture Source During Quarantine (And Beyond)

It’s the ‘The Pool Show’ rebooted—and now featuring fresh content about everything you love

If the question is what’s poppin’? The answer is right here.

Following the successful run of live entertainment special The Pool Show, Globe is on to the next: an exciting new channel called Globe /Poppin’ that features all things music, film, and TV.

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From the latest music releases, and what’s what on the hottest series, to the best movies to stream right now, Globe /Poppin’ is where you can discover new things to love—and obsess over the things you already do. (It’s home to trending pop culture tidbits, and recaps for key highlights week after week so you never have to miss out on anything.)

Now, it may be a fun, new source for your guilty pleasures, but Globe /Poppin’ is also a perfect quarantine companion. Considering staying connected is essential–– even more so, staying inspired––we know to keep the things we love and enjoy close by.

Still hot off its launch, what does Globe /Poppin’ have in store in August and beyond? 

Watch out for “Daily Pop,” your day-to-day serving of need-to-know pop culture news, “On That Note,” where your favorite artists break down and walk you through some of their biggest hits, “Pop in the Shower,” a live musical performance shot—you guessed it—in the shower, and so much more.

It’s a riot you don’t want to miss, so stick around for fresh content by following Globe /Poppin’ online. Hit like, follow, or subscribe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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