Dismantling Comfort Zones with Nikko Ramos

How stepping out of the radio limelight put his career, passion and purpose into focus

Humans are driven by force of habit. With countless studies conducted and hundreds of pages’ worth of Google searches on this claim, we can consider it fact: humans are drawn to the comforting lull of familiarity. While walking on the wild side might seem like a thrilling palate cleanser, by nature, we establish routines and flock to what feels customary—normal.

Perhaps this is why Nikko Ramos’ pursuit of a fresh path is so admirable, yet so difficult to fathom.


With ten years of experience under his belt, Nikko Ramos had carved out a promising future for himself in the realm of radio DJing. From courtside reporting to securing a spot as a mainstay on Good Times with Mo, Nikko’s name was the kind that people recognized—but in one brave swoop, he traded off the career he knew for a new flame. He started over as the editor-in-chief of Slam Philippines and the Brand Content Director at Titan—from radio veteran to office guy.


Despite the uncertainty that came hand-in-hand with a new pursuit, Nikko took on the challenge head-on. Faced with his own modern-day “to be or not to be” situation, Nikko braved the line dividing his worlds old and new, stepping out of the limelight to shine a spotlight on others. He explains, “Our work lets others be heard. My choice put me in the position to tell stories—stories that I love.”

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

Photos Karen dela Fuente

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