The Best Pranks Caught On Camera

Something to inspire your inner prankster on April Fool’s Day

No other day in history tests people’s sense of humor quite like April Fool’s Day… well, maybe except for Valentine’s Day (ha-ha, we’re half-kidding).

Prankers all over the world come alive on April 1st: In France and Italy, it’s considered tradition for children—and the children at heart—to celebrate by sneaking up behind people and sticking a paper fish on their backs. In the United States, it’s all about practical jokes, the art of the hoax and fake news. Over in Scotland, April Fool’s Day is such a huge deal, it extends over to April 2. Lastly, in the Philippines, the name of the game is anything goes… basta ang pikon matalo.

To get you feeling the April Fool’s Day spirit, here’s a roundup of our all-time favorite prank videos. May they either inspire your next prank, give you a good laugh today or make you glad you weren’t a victim of these jokesters.

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The stunt pulled by this master magician.

No props, elaborate scripts or costumes necessary for this one! All you’ll need are friends willing to participate and a spacious public area if you want to copy this. (The hope is that you guys stay friends after.)

The giant spider dog.

Who says man’s best friend can’t get in on practical jokes, too? Here’s Chica, an otherwise cute dog, scaring the living bejeezus out of random people as a massive spider.

The epic prank an entire class pulled on their professor.

Kudos to the students at Aquinas College, Michigan, for making their professor dread this class rule he made:

The queen of pranks Ellen Degeneres showing us the art of the surprise sneak attack.

The TV host is known for scaring guests during her show, but apparently it happens behind the scenes too.

The one where Bruno Mars had Ellen Degeneres (again) in his ear.

The hidden camera prank that will make you love Bruno even more for being such a good sport.

The cracking glass walkway prank that’s funny as long as you aren’t the one walking.

People say it’s not about having a fear of heights but rather a fear of falling. Well, this prank has that covered, too.

The escape room prank orchestrated by Captain America.

The talking action figure sends these unsuspecting store visitors on an escape mission.

The walking on water prank.

Jesus, is that you?

The children’s party you wouldn’t want to oversee.

The creators of Just for Laughs: Gags have done it again. This time, they recruited little girls (and a little witch) for this birthday party prank.

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How are you celebrating April Fool's Day?

Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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