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Psy Is Back: Is His New Music Better Than The Original? | go! | Globe

Psy Is Back: Is His New Music Better Than The Original?

Is it finally time to put Gangnam Style and Gentleman behind us?



The term “one hit wonder” is no joke. In this world full of cameras, uploaders and singers, it's hard go from viral to relevant. And yet Psy has continued to surprise as he proves just how relevant he is. There’s no denying it – we listened to the beats, learned (part of) the lyrics and danced his moves. And now he has another set of songs for us to obsess over.


It’s just been over a week since the videos were officially uploaded, but New Face and I Luv It have already been viewed over 28 million times each. We’re willing to bet part of the charm is the catchy tunes, colorful outfits and intriguing storylines.


Both songs are filled to the brim with character, star-studded cameos and intense energy. It’s over the top and definitely not what we’re used to seeing in the music scene, but it’s refreshing and unapologetically Psy all the way.  


New Face


In New Face, Psy trys his best to impress K-pop idol Naeun of Apink. He takes on a variety of roles in the music video, each with its own persona. His easy enough to do dance moves look like an updated version of Gangnam Style, which incorporates dabbing and some peek-a-boo play.

I Luv It

I Luv It is a clapback at haters and features Psy dancing around and swaggering in to various sets. A counter ticks away to a billion YouTube videos – a reference to his 2012 hit, which remains the most watched video of YouTube. PPAP singer Pikotaro and GI Joe actor Lee Byung Hun are also seen dancing to the beat.

Listen to Psy’s top songs on Spotify.

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