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One of the best things about the internet is the ever-growing list of communities that lets anyone flex their creative skills and share their art. Platforms like Webnovel are key to getting their original stories out to an excited audience, especially for budding writers and creators. All the while, they can also earn from their creations. Webnovel lets readers read through free chapters before paying to read the succeeding ones. This way, authors can monetize their stories and eager readers get to show their support.

With over 75 million readers and over 375,000 works, Webnovel is a place to be seen and read. And most of the time, Filipino talent is thriving over here, too. So love and support local this time around by reading these exciting stories penned by Filipino authors.

Never Judge by wounded_warrior

Webnovel - The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

As the heir to the Reyes group, Cedric’s family sends him out to live a life of simplicity to learn the value of his inheritance. So instead of flexing his connections, he goes to school and works up the corporate ladder as Cedric Reyes, the orphan. After finally making it independently, the time for him to take his inheritance has come. The catch? He wants to keep the transition under wraps until the perfect time. Will Cedric be able to assume his place successfully, or will other’s plans foil him along the way? Read more to find out.

The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak by DonnEll

Webnovel - The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Blood, whose real name is Souta Ieshi, is the top player of Battle Worlds Online, a famous virtual reality video game. After a freak accident that involves his gaming pod blowing up, Souta is declared deceased to the media. Little do they know that he’s not exactly gone. Instead, the avid gamer finds himself transformed into the low-level monster of Battle Worlds Online: a goblin. Follow his journey as he continues to level up and figure out how to defeat the final Boss when you read The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak on Webnovel.

I Reincarnated as a Shinai by xlntz

Webnovel - I Reincarnated as a Shinai

Skilled and selfless kendo instructor Reiji Miyazaki encounters an accident that ends his life. However, his soul, skills and memory remain intact as he gets reincarnated as a wooden sword—a shinai. He is now in a world where magical powers and mystic weapons are wielded by a chosen few called Arcanists. After a poor young boy named Diether Luxford claims Reiji the shinai, the two become an unlikely pair as they soldier through Diether’s fate as an Arcanist. Follow their adventures by reading I Reincarnated as a Shinai on Webnovel.

Way of the Knights by Hateful_Fellow

Webnovel - Rise My Elementals!

Vendrick “Raven” Valohart thought his fate ended with death after fighting it out in a long war. But once he gains consciousness, Raven finds himself back in his younger body with his memories and skills intact. Then he realizes: he was given a chance to relive his life again. A do-over on a silver platter. Now that he’s (mentally) older and wiser, will he be able to save their kingdom from the war this time around? Or will his past mistakes repeat themselves? Catch up with Way of the Knights to find out.

Rise My Elementals! by M_W

Webnovel - Rise My Elementals!

In a sudden twist of events, the entirety of the human race finds itself transported to a planet called Celestial World, where they are defenseless against the other violent and more powerful species. Decades later, they manage to build their own defenses to protect their species, fighting back against any group that attempts to wipe them out. But it’s proving to be a hard battle to fight. However, when warrior Leo Heart becomes the recipient of powerful magic, his fate to defend the human race becomes sealed. Find out if he and the rest of humanity emerge triumphant by staying updated with Rise My Elementals!

Reincarnated With The Strongest System by Elyon

Webnovel - Reincarnated With The Strongest System

After leaving Earth, William expects to enter the Cycle of Reincarnation and immediately become reborn into new life. But instead, his soul wakes up in the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods. There he’s told that before souls could journey to their next lives, they would have to go through a quest. These souls choose a patron God to bless them with powers, divine weapons and other things throughout their journey to their next lives. Follow William’s path to a second life by keeping tabs on Reincarnated With the Strongest System.

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