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6 Reasons to Download the WeTV App - go!

6 Reasons to Download the WeTV App

Why you should check out WeTV

These days, people make the most out of staying indoors by binge-watching shows. Throughout the pandemic, millions have gotten entertainment and inspiration with the help of a classic sitcom or a sports documentary.

Thanks to the rise of streaming platforms, gone are the days when we had to worry about where to watch our favorite series or movies. With NetflixHBO GOViudiscovery+ and other services available, the “streaming wars” are in full swing—all for our benefit. So now, the million-dollar question is: What to watch next?

Well, we’ve got the answer for you.

In the Philippines, the streaming platform gaining traction is WeTV. While no longer part of Globe’s roster of streaming platforms (WeTV vouchers will no longer be available starting April 29, 2022, so if you still have unused WeTV VIP Vouchers, these can be redeemed until December 31 via the WeTV app), it’s still something worth looking into! Ahead, learn more about the service, why you should download it, and some recommendations to get you started.

6 Reasons to Download the WeTV App

Haven’t heard of WeTV before? Not a problem! Here are six reasons it might just be your next favorite app:

1. Hundreds of free shows in Blu-ray quality

They say the best things in life are free. With the WeTV app, you’re sure to enjoy a wide variety of quality content in full high-definition (HD) without paying a single cent. Plus, compared to other popular streaming platforms, WeTV lets you watch to your heart’s desire without creating an account. Just download WeTV on your device, find a free title to watch, and binge away.

2. Perks for VIP subscribers

Have you ever gotten excited over a show and wished you could watch the next episode already? If your answer is a resounding yes, look no further. Upon logging in and purchasing your WeTV VIP subscription, you can expect these bonuses:

  • Enjoy a first look at the latest episodes of your favorite content
  • Access premium titles that are exclusively available on WeTV
  • Enjoy ad-free, quality videos
  • Simultaneously stream on two devices
  • Score special discounts on movie rentals

3. Watch all the Asian movies and shows you want

Apart from its diverse selection of genres, the WeTV app also offers a vast collection of movies, dramas and variety shows from China, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. If you’re planning to bond with your SO or want to spend some quality time with your family, watching a WeTV drama is your best bet! To make things easier for you, we highly recommend these shows:

4. Binge your all-time favorite animes

With its massive library of shows, WeTV can cater to all audiences. So, for kids and kids at heart, worry not. The platform also has a catalog of binge-worthy anime titles! Take your pick at these top hits you can watch for free on the WeTV app:

5. Stream a wide selection of the best in Pinoy entertainment

With WeTV, you can catch your all-time favorite Filipino films and shows straight from your mobile devices. So whenever you feel like watching reruns of classic teleseryes or discovering classic films, this service has got you covered!

Don’t know what to watch next? Look into these Pinoy movies and shows available on the app:

6. Platform originals and exclusives

On the lookout for never-before-seen series on mainstream media? WeTV hosts a list of trending original shows and exclusive titles guaranteed to keep marathons a lot more exciting. For any recommendations for the weekend, catch these platform originals and exclusives you don’t want to miss out on:

Binge All Day with WeTV

Now that WeTV has joined the streaming wars, you’ll never run out of films and series to watch. From feel-good rom coms to exciting adventures, treat yourself to the best of Asian entertainment and download the WeTV app now.

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