Ringo Starr Just Turned 77; Here’s Why We’ll Always Love Him

The Beatles member even has a new trick up his sleeves

We all have our own quirks and tastes when it comes to music, but we can all appreciate The Beatles, their tracks and what they’ve done for the industry. The members themselves became superstars and icons. They’ve broken through generations and we couldn’t love them more for it.

On July 7, Ringo Starr celebrated his 77th birthday. And while he is arguably (and maybe wrongfully) the least-celebrated member of The Beatles, he’s coming back to the scene with a vengeance.

He isn’t slowing down

To celebrate his birthday, Ringo announced that he is releasing a new all-star album entitled Give Me Love. He’s been quiet since 2015 (Postcards From Paradise), but his 10-track LP and 19th solo album will arrive in September.

And when they say all-star, they really mean it. Some of the talents that helped collaborate on the upcoming album are Paul McCartney (in Show Me The Way), Peter Frampton (in Laughable), Richard Marx (in Speed of Sound) and Glen Ballard (in Electricity), as well as Dave Steward, Don Was and the Eagle’s Timothy B. Schmit.

He’s a real hippie

Being a hippie might have been a trend for some people, but Ringo has made it his lifestyle. He’s still an avid promoter of all things love and, alongside The David Lynch Foundation, even started the Peace & Love Fund. The fundraiser helps people that struggle with trauma and stress via the Transcendental Meditation technique—the same practice that The Beatles got into in the 60s!

His Twitter feed is gold

You should really follow him. He could be your daily dose of #FeelGood one-liners.

He put drummers on center stage

This point is arguable, but Ringo definitely helped put drummers on center stage. He was one of the first ones to play on an elevated stage, which meant that he was as visible as the rest of the band members. And besides, he wasn’t just any drummer. His parts were perfection in Come Together and Rain.

He’s a genius

Ringo was the last of The Beatles to be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which happened just two years ago in April 2015. Yoko Ono once even called Ringo “the most influential Beatle.” And if you respect the group, then you respect Ringo Star.

“I remember the moment [when Ringo first played with us],” Paul once recalled. “Standing there and looking at John and then looking at George and the look on our faces was like… What is this? And that was the moment—that was the beginning, really, of The Beatles.”

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