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Meet the New Characters of a Darker, Steamier and More Twisted Riverdale | go! | Globe

Meet the New Characters of a Darker, Steamier and More Twisted Riverdale

Trust us when we say season two is worth the 5-month wait



The first season of Riverdale went out with a bang and indulged fans with the overdue resolution to a mystery spanning 13 episodes: Who killed Jason Blossom?


In true CW fashion, however, a mystery put to bed only means the unfolding of an entirely new one. “Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter” ended with a diner robbery, a man in a mask and a gun going off. Staring down the barrel of the gun was Archie’s father, Fred (played by Luke Perry). Will he live? Will he die? On Wednesday night, we find out.


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Riverdale serves up a pretty crazy ride for a teen television series: In the midst of sex, sin, town secrets and dysfunctional families, love triangles and murder plots are also thrown in the mix. It’s the recipe for a highly addictive television show, apparently, since fans just cannot get enough.


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And in a matter of hours, we no longer have to keep our blinders on trying to avoid spoilers and sidestep fan-made theories that could reveal parts of season two’s plot. And why ruin the experience, really? This time around, CW is ushering in a darker, edgier and definitely steamier Riverdale.



Keep scrolling to meet some of the new and returning characters set to stir things up in Riverdale!


Get ready to see more of Mark Consuelos as Hiram Lodge.

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In season two, we also meet the new members of the Serpents:

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Jordan Connor as Sweet Pea

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Vanessa Morgan as Toni Topaz

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Drew Ray Tanner as Fangs Fogarty

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Meet the new Reggie Mantle: Charles Melton

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Graham Phillips takes on the role of Nick St. Clair.


Veronica’s ex-boyfriend will be in town in the upcoming season. We did mention love triangles earlier, right?


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Introducing: Hart Denton as Chic Cooper, Betty Cooper’s long-lost brother.

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A bigger cast means bigger drama and we can’t wait.




Catch Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and the rest of the Riverdale gang when season two premieres on Netflix. Get it with Globe and stream the episode on Wednesday, October 11 at 8PM!


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