Why The First Episode of Riverdale 2 Spells An Exciting New Season

Some real stuff is about to go down in Riverdale

Last week, we got our Riverdale fill as we were greeted by the all too familiar voice of Cole Sprouse’s Jughead. He reminded us all about the dark and mysterious curveballs that came our way in season 1 and then eerily welcomed us to all that is about to come in season 2—and from what we’re seeing, we’re all in for some exciting episodes ahead.

You get one warning; spoilers for Riverdale S2E1 ahead.

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Fred Andrews is alive

The very last moments of Riverdale season 1 left us wondering if Fred Andrews would make it to the next episode. And while Netflix kept us on the hook for the entire season 2 premiere episode, we now know that he’s alive and finally recovering at home. But the important thing here is that Fred might be able to tell the authorities something about the gunman that Archie wasn’t able to—whether a unique feature or a motive.

And Archie is going to keep him that way

With his dad almost taken away from him, our resident hero Archie is absolutely hell bent on keeping his family safe. The gunman is out there somewhere and it literally looks like Archie is not going to sleep a wink until he’s caught. Is Riverdale’s star athlete/musical prodigy finally turning to the dark side (kind of)?

Hiram Lodge is back

All throughout season 1, the powerful name of Hiram Lodge was thrown back and forth in the sketchiest dealings and under-the-table bribes. But while Hermione protected and carried out a few tasks for her husband, we’ll finally see Hiram speak for himself. The Lodge family patriarch might have a few more tricks up his sleeve and we can’t wait to see him play it.

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Jughead is a Serpent – whether or not he wants it

With FP Jones behind bars, the Serpents decided to take Jughead under their wing. But the end of S2E1 showed us that the Serpents will be in his life and that Jughead is part of the group, whether or not he puts on that notorious jacket.

Cheryl Blossom is in charge

She may have lost two of the main men in her life, but that isn’t slowing Cheryl Blossom down one bit. After the fire that left her mother burned, we saw Cheryl speak to bedridden Penelope Blossom that it was her show moving forward. Anyone else get chills when she said, “If you move, it is quietly, and with my blessing”?

The killer isn’t finished

Some of us may have thought that we saw the last of Miss Grundy—but now we know for sure she’s gone. It looks like the same gunman that shot Fred got hold of Miss Grundy and took her life. So we’re left wondering who he is, who he works for and why he’s targeting these people?

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