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5 Romantic Movies to Stream on Netflix: February 2021 - go!

5 Titles to Stream on Netflix: February 2021

AKA the stay-at-home Valentine’s Day kit

No matter what month of the year it is—and no matter what year it is—romantic movies are a staple for us all. But when it comes to February, there’s just a little extra hunger for all things that have to do with love. So to help you satiate yourselves this long weekend, we’ve put together a list of some of Netflix’s most romantic titles to stream:

Valentine's Day

Here’s a title you can’t skip; Valentine’s Day is built right into the title! 

Starring an ensemble cast that includes Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper and Patrick Dempsey, Valentine’s Day explores all kinds and ages of love. From the budding romance of a childhood crush to the pains of more mature romances, everyone will find themselves in the interwoven narratives. 

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

It was 2018 when Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky were first brought to life in the small screen—and they’ve been with us ever since. And with Netflix releasing the third and final chapter of the couple’s romance on February 12, now is the perfect time to binge watch. 

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before follows the story of Lara Jean, particularly in the days following the “accidental” delivery of her penned love letters. Fortunately for her, recipient Peter is up for a little game of make believe. 

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Set It Up

Sometimes love needs a little assistance, you know?

In Set It Up, Harper and Charlie are at the mercy of their respective bosses, Kirsten and Rick, at all hours of the day for every whim and whisper. In an attempt to make their lives a little more enjoyable, Harper and Charlie decide to set their bosses up, and it works—for a while. 

Someone Great

If you’re in the mood for something a little less romantic and a little friendlier, then Someone Great is for you. 

When her boyfriend of almost a decade decides a long distance relationship isn’t something he can do, Jenny Young makes it a point to make the most of her last few days in New York City with her two best friends. As they try to reclaim their youth in the city they love, Jenny, Blair and Erin find their ways in (and out) of love. 

That Thing Called Tadhana

For the hopeful ones, there’s always That Thing Called Tadhana

On her way home back to the Philippines, Mace comes across Anthony in the airport. When they land in Manila, the two unexpectedly find themselves gravitated to each other—and they soon go on an unplanned adventure to Baguio and Sagada. During their time together, we find out about their loves, their losses and whether or not starting over again is at all possible. 

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This Valentine’s Day is the first we’re spending in quarantine. So while the plans may be a little different this time around, let’s not forget that there are still ways to celebrate love—no matter what package it comes in. 

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