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Rookie K-Pop Groups Worth Stanning - go!

Rookie K-Pop Groups Worth Stanning

Meet K-pop’s new batch of monster groups

One of the most exciting things about being a K-pop fan is the endless pool of talent we get to appreciate. Aside from our favorite groups returning with new content, we get to discover new acts to stan and scream about all over our Twitter accounts. The possibilities are always endless. 

Whether you’re scoping out K-pop’s new batch of talents or looking for your next favorite bias group, here are the rookie K-pop groups this 2021 that should be on your radar. 

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This seven-member girl group debuted with a mature and dark concept, a creative move usually done a few years down a group’s career. Nonetheless, they managed to wow everyone with their debut song, Ponzona. Ponzona is co-written and produced by members Swan, Goeun and Yuki, who said that they wanted the group’s unique colors to shine through. It worked as each of the members’ strong vocals and skills were highlighted throughout the performance. Speaking of strong vocals, PURPLE KISS is MAMAMOO’s juniors which means stunning voices run in the company.

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Girl crush concepts done for a landmark debut are not a rarity in K-pop, but TRI.BE puts their spin on it. TRI.BE is short for “triangle being,” which means “perfect being.” Their debut single DOOM DOOM TA carries the theme that we’re perfect as who we are. Its meaningful lyrics coupled with an upbeat song make a great self-love anthem. Meanwhile, their comeback song RUB-A-DUM is a fun dancehall single that exudes the same fun-loving, unapologetic energy from DOOM DOOM TA. This summer, this rookie K-pop group is all about having fun.

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One of the rookie K-pop groups that have been making waves is STAYC. Their most recent release is ASAP, an addictive single that has a colorful MV to match its kitschiness. But before ASAP’s virality and their smashing debut with So Bad, STAYC showed off their potential with different covers. They flexed their skills by finishing an entire relay dance of top hits and releasing song covers. There’s more to this group than colorful music videos as their YouTube channel is filled with vlogs, dance practices and more covers that show off their talents.

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Each member of this boy group has been handpicked by South Korean master entertainer Rain. Ciipher is the first group to debut under R.A.I.N. Company. This seven-member ensemble debuted with a refreshing summer concept for their song I Like You, which is a soft but upbeat R&B track. This easy listen and vibrant music video shows off a cheekier side to Ciipher. But don’t be fooled that they’re only limited to that, because these boys can go down the serious, darker route. Just check out their dance video to Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE. We’re anticipating a stronger comeback from them hopefully soon.

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Cravity is known for their all-out performances. Dance moves are maximized even in the middle of high notes, showing that this group puts a premium on quality. Their first release called Season 1: Hideout: Remember Who We Are even debuted number one on the Gaon Album chart, one of South Korea’s esteemed national charts for music. In 2020 alone, they managed to bag multiple Rookie of the Year titles from award shows such as Melon Music Awards and MNet Asian Music Awards. Their most recent comeback, My Turn, is a catchy listen that oozes with confidence exhibited by award-winning Monster Rookies.

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TO1 first debuted as TOO with the dark, sultry song called Magnolia. This 10-member K-pop group also gained popularity as they participated in the reality show Road To Kingdom. Here, they competed for a spot in the upcoming show Kingdom by showing off their talents through well-constructed performances. Despite being eliminated by the seventh episode, they managed to retain their massive following, and their comeback Count 1, 2 was well-received. In 2021 they re-debuted as TO1 with the song Son of Beast which showcases their versatility, perseverance and thirst to be the best. If you need another reason to see how cool these boys are, check out their cover of TWICE’s song I Can’t Stop Me.

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