Ryan Reynolds Takes the Stage on King of Mask Singer

The Deadpool actor takes on a surprising new role

First he was Green Lantern, then he became Deadpool…now he’s a unicorn? It seems like there’s just no predicting what Ryan Reynolds will do next.


Swathed in a silver cape and hidden by a supersized mask, the actor commanded the stage on a recent episode of King of Mask Singer, a blind format South Korean variety show that spotlights competitors’ singing abilities. Reynolds showed off his vocal chops with a surprisingly classic song choice: Tomorrow from the musical Annie. Full-bodied timbre, native pronunciation and all, it didn’t take long for his performance to spark chatter between the guest panelists. Why could he sing in English so well? Who could this mystery performer be?


Like any good action movie, the stint wrapped up with a dramatic revelation. Shedding the unicorn mask after his hard-earned applause, Ryan Reynolds was greeted by no less than cheering and dropped jaws. After all, the actor kept the secret so tightly under wraps that not even his wife, Blake Lively, was allowed in on the secret.

Trust us, this is a performance you’ll want to see. Watch Ryan Reynolds’ surprise appearance on episode 153 of King of Mask Singer on Viu!

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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