Scandal Season 7 Is Almost Out And We Are Shookt

Here’s the refresh you need

When one of your favorite shows comes back with a new season, it is always a cause for celebration. And when that show is Scandal, you know we’re going to be all over it. The life of Olivia Pope is exciting, scary and oddly inspiring—and we’re thrilled to watch everything unfold.

But before the seventh and final season rolls around, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Mellie is POTUS; Luna Vargas is VP

While Mellie officially lost the race for president, she was eventually sworn into office after Governor Frankie Vargas was killed. So with the endorsement from newly-widowed Luna Vargas, Mellie took the role of POTUS despite the threat of assassination. Luna also joined the cabinet as Vice President.

Papa Pope killed Frankie

Because he would have seemed to get the most from the assassination, then-Vice President Cyrus was jailed for the murder of President-Elect Frankie. But the real criminal? No one other than Papa Pope. A new villain named Paus and his partner Samantha threatened to kill Olivia if Rowan refused to kill Frankie.

Get ready for Quinn Perkins & Associates

With Olivia servicing as Mellie’s chief of staff, Quinn is now the new head of Olivia Pope & Associates, which has been rightly renamed as Quinn Perkins & Associates. But while it all sounds good on paper, the reality is not so perfectly-packaged. “Everybody knows who Olivia Pope is in this town,” Darby Stanchfield told Entertainment Weekly. “But nobody knows who Quinn is, so the Gladiators are trying to hustle up work and find clients.”

Olivia and Fitz are back at it

Olivia and Fitz rekindled their relationship amidst the post-election whirlwind. We even saw an alternate-reality ending when the two got married—but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The romance was cut short as Fitz had to leave town for Vermont without Olivia.

There are only 18 episodes left

With Scandal season 7 being the last in the series, we’re unfortunately left with just 18 episodes. The final season premieres on October 5 and you can bet we’ve booked front row seats.

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