Why We Loved Scenezoned S1 and What To Expect From S2

Our favorites from the first installment and everything we know about season 2!

The Faces.

Just like in the movies, the cast can either make or break a series. And in the case of Scenezoned Season 1, there’s not an ounce of a doubt in our bodies that the diverse cast—Solenn Heussaff, Wil Dasovich, Melissa Gohing, Katarina Rodriguez, Anjo Damiles, Amanda Fernandez and Alex Diaz—who were just game to get down, let loose and just be themselves is what made the show so unforgettable.

The Places.

Sure we live in the Philippines, and have probably visited some of the most popular islands in the country. You’ve seen one or two beaches, or mountains, you’ve seen them all right? Scenezoned proves us wrong and shows us that the PH has a serious wealth of natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. Bask in the beauty of Palawan’s lagoons, eat your way through Albay in Bicol, go caving in Samar, rediscover the country’s smallest active volcano, Taal, behold the biggest marine sanctuary in our local shores found between the islands of Cebu and Negros (Tañon Strait), learn to surf in Siargao and be enchanted by the charm of Siquijor. So the next time you plan a trip; consider these places because they will give you serious wanderlust.

The Stories.

As they say, there’s more than what meets the eye and this is just so true for both the people and the places that were featured in Scenezoned. For instance, everyone knows who Solenn Heussaff is and it was refreshing to see her peel back her celeb layers to show us her makeup-free and goofy side! Then there’s YouTuber Wil Dasovich who has always been game to try anything and everything; this time, he eats fresh Albayano sili—one red and one green. Re-live the moment and forward to 0:45.

And who could forget Amanda Fernandez’s easy, fuss-free narration of her trip to a most swell surf spot in that is Siargao? The sun, sea and sand—it makes us want to live there forever, too! Their stories and that of Melissa's, Katarina's, Anjo's and Alex's were just so inspiring and wonderful; we can't help but feel we went on every single journey with them.

Now for the places, there’s nothing more mind-blowing than discovering something new about the familiar, like who knew you could boil an egg in Taal on the spot or coming across something completely new, like the biggest cave system in the country, which is found in Samar, or opening one’s heart and mind to the cultural traditions of Siquijor, like folk healing. The beauty of all these places—Palawan, Bicol, Samar, Taal, the islands around Tañon Strait, Siargao and Siquijor—their rich heritage and history, the wamrth and genuineness of its people; we still can't believe these help make up the place we all call home.

We just saw the trailer for Scenezoned Season 2 and here’s what we know.

For one, Solenn is back for the latest installment and she looks auh-mazing. And her outfits; we’re already low-key obsessing on black sheer dress over a washed out peach swimsuit + scuba boots. We're also wondering who the other members of the cast are; will we be seeing more familair faces or completely new ones?

Solenn’s episode will seem to focus on her art and finding a meaningful subject for her latest masterpiece. It feels like the rest of the episodes will follow the same theme and will mix adventure with purpose.

The first episode is set against a breathtaking, out-of-this-world backdrop that is Biri Island found in Northern Samar. As for the rest of Scenezoned's locations, you'll have to wait and see for yourself! Meanwhile, hit play and enjoy!

Excited? Us, too, because for sure Scenezoned 2 will be extra. Premieres July 20, 2017. Tune in to Globe’s Facebook and YouTube for updates.

Image @SolennHeussaff (Instagram)

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