The Spotlight Is On Selena Gomez For This #WCW

Happy birthday, Sel!



The music world is in no shortage of pop stars, but very few of them can boast standing out in a positive light the way Selena Gomez can. The 25-year-old is beautiful, yes, but there’s so much more beneath her pretty face.



She’s graceful.

Selena has been in the public eye since she was a kid. But unlike some of her child co-stars, she grew up gracefully with hardly any issues and fallbacks that the media could attack her for. She matured almost wistfully in front of our eyes and we love her for proving it’s possible. 


She’s stylish.

There’s a reason why Selena is usually part of the best dressed list on any red carpet. She isn’t the tallest girl around, but she definitely knows how to work with what she has and enhances only her best features when she puts a look together.



She and The Weeknd are #CoupleGoals

While they aren’t loud with their affection, seeing photos of Selena and her boyfriend together bring a warm smile to our faces. Abel Tesfaye (a.k.a The Weeknd) even jetted from Paris to the United States over the weekend in order to spend time with Selena. #SwoonWorthy


She’s talented.

Selena may be one of the most recognizable faces in the world, but she would not have gotten far if it wasn’t for her talent. She started off as a Disney star, but we now know she has vocals that can move millions—and in terms of album sales, we mean this literally.



She’s brave.

Last year, Selena surprised us all by going public about her health issues. After taking some time away from the limelight, she explained exactly why she had to it for herself. She spoke about lupus and just how the stress of Hollywood had taken its toll on her and her body. In doing so, she shed important light on an illness that not many people know about.




Keep doing you, Sel. We’re right behind you. 

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