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Show You Like That: #GlobeBLACKPINK's Exclusive Livestream - go!

Show You Like That: What Went Down During #GlobeBLACKPINK’s Exclusive Livestream

Sending BLACKPINK all the love from the Philippines

If there’s one thing Globe and Kmmunity are committed to doing, it’s bringing K-pop fans closer to each other and their favorites. Rain or shine, live concerts or virtual fan meetings, they always have surprises up their sleeves and give everyone the best stanning experience. Last January, Globe gave away tickets so that Filipino fans could catch BLACKPINK’s online concert, THE SHOW. This was just the beginning of different events coming for Filipino BLINKs.

Another move to bring Filipino fans closer to BLACKPINK is the major livestream event called Show You Like That. The pre-recorded special featured multiple segments that brought the Philippines and Filipino fans closer to Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa. This is what went down last Friday, June 18.

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It seemed like distance wasn’t much of an issue for Filipino BLINKs to show their appreciation for BLACKPINK. As part of sending the girls some love, Globe and Kmmunity PH sent them a Balikbayan box filled with Philippine-made products chosen by BLINKs. They unboxed and reviewed the items one by one, where the girls had picked out their personal favorites. Jennie liked the abaniko fan, Lisa liked the decorative ukelele, Jisoo enjoyed the sungka set while Rosé wanted the banig.

After that, BLACKPINK decorated their own limited-edition BLACKPINK Globe At Home modems. Using additional stickers and the freebies that came with the boxes, their designs showed off their personalities. The group’s sticker aficionado, Jennie, really enjoyed the activity.


But the love didn’t stop there as BLACKPINK also reacted to two fan-made covers of Pretty Savage and Lovesick Girls. All four members were impressed to see their fans nail the dance, the members’ expressions and their swagger while performing. Imagine being applauded by Mentor Lisa and the rest of BLACKPINK; for sure these dancers are over the moon.

BLINKs also took this as an opportunity to make their favorite girls feel the love by surprising them with a fan-made video that featured clips from their last show in Manila. The future of live concerts may be pretty hazy, but BLACKPINK was reassured that their Filipino fans are staying forever. 

If you need us, we’ll be re-watching our favorite moments from Show You Like That while waiting for BLACKPINK’s fifth-anniversary film called THE MOVIE.

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Author Kai Franco

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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