5 Shows About Best Friends For The Whole Gang

Bond with your best friends with these TV shows

Being in group gatherings hasn’t been encouraged and allowed since the pandemic started, and it looks like it won’t be changing soon. So it’s highly understandable that we’re getting more and more friend-starved as the days go on. Well, you’re not alone! For sure, a lot of us miss hanging out together, too. 

Here’s a list of shows you can slot in for e-get togethers with your best friends as a substitute for real-life hangouts.

How I Met Your Mother

Relationship back stories aren’t usually just about two people. How I Met Your Mother shows that our closest friends have a hand in how our future plays out. Whether it’s our consciences suddenly sounding like them or we decide from the lessons we learned from their experiences, our support systems affect us greatly. Reminisce with your long-time best friends by slotting this in for your next watch party.


A list about friendship shows won’t be complete without mentioning FRIENDS. This cult classic proves to be one of the most timeless sitcoms about navigating adulthood with a solid support system. Follow Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica as they find their way out of problems that are shown as more comical than tragic, but still real. Maybe you can quell the longing for more funny barkada moments by pretending you’re part of the show, too!


If you’re into watching stories about found families, then maybe Community is for you. The unlikeliest people from different walks of life band together in this quirky community college. Eventually, they end up creating a support group they could run to or who’ll help them diffuse the wildest situations. This show is best to watch with your college barkada before reminiscing about the good ol' days.

New Girl

Here’s another one for those found family enthusiasts! In New Girl, Jess gets more than what she bargained for after moving in with three single guys. Aside from rambunctious roommates, she gains true friends who teach her how to go about the real world, relationships and other problems. This show is perfect for e-reunion watch parties with roommates-turned-best friends, who you’re away from the meantime.

That 70s Show

Sitcoms and shows about adulthood are great, but to jump back in time and return to our younger years can be a lot more exciting for some. Take a trip down memory lane and relive high school shenanigans with That 70s Show! Watch this group of kids toe between making mistakes and getting through their teenage years, all the while hiding from their parents (something a lot of us went through). Relate, much? 

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Fill the friends-shaped hole in your hearts by planning virtual get togethers, whether it’s a Zoom catch up or a binge watching party. This way, you and your friends can beat the loneliness of this quarantine together.

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