9 New Tracks to Check out on Spotify: December 2018

Hello, last month of the year. Hello, good music

Audiophiles, it’s time to hit the ground running and make the last month of the year count. Here, the perfect starter soundtrack to go with it.

We once again invite you to cut short your skim-through of that “New Releases” tab and jump straight to the bops. Local artists on the rise like VERA and the Ben&Ben gang are all here. So are exciting first-time collaborations, a new sound by familiar names and bedroom beats that ooze “suave.” With a curated track list of fresh releases, hot new artists and OPM songs you’ll want to keep on loop, there’s no need to worry about choice tracks flying under your radar, really.

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What exactly is on go! Magazine’s Spotify roundup for December? Scroll through and have a listen.

“Summer Love (feat. Rudimental)”

Album: Phoenix

Rita Ora’s sophomore studio album has been a long time coming—six years, to be exact—and Phoenix certainly did not disappoint. The late November release is chock-full of party anthems like “For You” and “Lonely Together” and, predictably, a selection of other noteworthy pop songs like “Cashmere” and New Look.” In the spotlight today and with special mention, however, is “Summer Love,” where the British singer-songwriter’s sound got a refreshing jungle music and drum and bass treatment with the help of Rudimental. A little off-brand for the star, but works beautifully. Listen to the track below.



Local nine-piece band Ben & Ben is all about gaining and maintaining momentum this year, climbing the charts not only with right-up-their-alley indie folk songs, but surprising experimental collaborations, too. At Elements Music Camp this year, the up-and-coming band treated fans to a brand-new sound in a one-off single that, no surprise here, caught on: the upbeat, electro pop hit, “Ours.”

“The Chase”


What happens when the wispy vocal stylings of “Exploration No. 5” and “Maybe” singer Reese Lansangan is paired with the artistic sensibility of international R&B and hip-hop producer Austin Owens (Bryson Tiller, Cardi B, Wale)? The beautiful collision of two worlds and tracks like “The Chase.” 

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In one fell swoop, “Take Me To Church” singer Hozier dropped a new single, premiered the music video and announced the release of his second album slated for an early 2019 release, definitely something rhythm and blues fans can look forward to. Here’s an exciting preview of what to expected from Irish artist Andrew Hozier-Byrne via his lead single “Movement.”

“Don’t You Forget” 


Actor-turned-music label-founder James Reid makes sweet, sweet bedroom beats with good friends Lox and Narez and award-winning producer Marcus Davis in the late November release, “Don’t You Forget.” Following the surprise drop of the music video on YouTube earlier in the month, fans of the CARELESS crew were kept on the edge of their seats for the official studio version of the song; at long last, it’s here.



A nice break from ballads and acoustic covers of other hits, Emmanuelle Vera’s latest single, “Fine,” is an excellent way to end her six-year hiatus from the music scene and reintroduce herself not only to her existing fanbase, but the R&B and electro pop-loving audience just as well. Going by the name VERA this time around, the singer-songwriter and actress buddies up with international producer Bassie Blue Hamilton of The Island Def Jam Music Group for the electrifying new track. Listen in below.

“You Got Me Trippin’” 


Frontwoman of local band Sinosokat? Kat Agarrado flies solo, for now, in yet another entry at the 2018 run of Elements Music Camp. “You Got Me Trippin’,” the brainchild of the sultry siren and Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Lillywhite (whose work includes collaborations with U2, Chris Cornell and Jason Mraz), is a testament to Pinoy Soul Movement being alive and well, and having a place on the global music stage.

“If I Say”

Album: Delta

British band Mumford & Sons heads into uncharted territory for their fourth studio album, Delta. Like ticking boxes on a checklist, the four-man group treats listeners to a satisfying range of acoustic instrumentals, electronica, folk rock and other surprising genres fans would not have figured the band would dabble into. Click on to listen to “If I Say,” the band’s soul-baring, hauntingly beautiful second single from the album.

“Dreaming (feat. Bruno Major)”

EP: Dark

Electronic music producer and DJ SG Lewis teams up with celebrated musical acts Drew Love, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Dot Major and Aluna George for his five-song EP entitled Dark. Fans who have fallen in love with SG Lewis’ earlier hit “No Less” (feat. Louis Mattrs) should give “Dreaming,” the final track, a listen.

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