Strong Woman: The K-Drama All Women Need To Watch


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One in a while, a series just comes along that is important to watch—maybe because of its artistry or maybe because of its message. In the case of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, it’s the latter. The K-Drama is completely girl power and every woman needs to get their hands on it.




The story

The story follows the life of Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young), a woman who was born with supernatural strength. However, she wants to become an elegant woman as is idealized by her crush, police officer In Guk-doo (Ji Soo).


Because of Bong-soon’s strength, she is hired as bodyguard to gaming company CEO Ahn Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik). Unlike Guk-doo, Min-yuk is playful, a little spoiled and dislikes law authorities.




The characters

Bong-soon is a strong woman. Her strength is something that is inherited by all the women in her family. And while she wants to impress Guk-doo by being mahinhin, she still uses her abilities to make her dreams come true—creating a video game with her as the main character.


She agrees to be the bodyguard to Min-hyuk because he promises her a chance to work in the planning department of his gaming company, Ainsoft. If she does well in protecting Min-hyuk, her dream could come true.


But while others might see this as selfish, Bong-soon also uses her abilities to keep her neighborhood safe. In fact, she and Guk-doo start to work on a case regarding some crimes made against women.




The romance

What would a K-Drama be without romance? So while Strong Woman Do Bong-soon totally showcases the strength of women, it will also get our hearts fluttering.


Guk-doo already has a girlfriend but Bong-soon is definitely in love with him. But when the two start working on the neighborhood case and spend time together, Min-hyuk is pulled in as well. A love triangle ensues and we simply can't contain our kilig! We need to know who ends up with who!





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