Sugoi Society PH: Step Into a New Haven for Otakus

The growing Facebook community where you can share your love for anime, J-Pop, and Japanese culture

From watchlists to playlists, the worlds of fashion and lifestyle, Japanese pop culture has evidently seeped into a lot of daily life. Zeroing in some more on pop culture, we see that the storytelling and beauty of Japanese anime are unmatched. J-Pop, meanwhile, continues to give listeners some of the catchiest songs to bop along to.

Indeed, Japanese pop culture is in a league of its own. If you agree with this (and are looking for people who understand your anime references or share your enthusiasm for J-culture), you’ll definitely want to join Sugoi Society PH. 

Whether you’re new to this side of pop culture or have been a long-time fan, the guide straight ahead is a nice walk-through of what you can expect from this community. Scroll through, dig in, and see why this group could be for you.

What is Sugoi Society PH?

If you’ve seen interviews of J-Pop artists or watched your fair share of Japanese anime, then you’re probably familiar with the word sugoi. (When something delightful happens, the Japanese would often use this term, which means “wow,” “nice,” and “amazing.”) In essence, this is one way of expressing awe. Evidently, too, this is what inspired Sugoi Society PH.

Sugoi Society PH is a Facebook Group where anime, J-Pop, and Japanese culture fans get to connect with people like them. This is a warm, welcoming community of fans getting together to talk about their favorite anime, cosplayers sharing their kawaii creations, and J-Pop fans discovering new artists.

Ahead, the things you can expect when you join this community.

Connect with people who have the same interests as you.

Just finished an exclusive Crunchyroll anime? Or are you currently binging a mind-blowing Netflix series? If you’re dying to talk about your current fave with a fellow fan, know that you’ll easily find someone to discuss it with in this community.

On any given day, too, you may find here a fellow member dropping in to share memes about their favorite anime moments or a cosplay they’re proud of. Another thing to look forward to? The group’s dedicated admins also regularly share fun Japanese content through the #SugoiOfTheDay, #SugoiTime, and #SugoiTop5 hashtags.

Get instant updates on the latest anime releases.

Excited about the new Slam Dunk movie or the upcoming Tekken: Bloodline? Do not miss out on the hottest news about your favorite anime. Following the #SugoiNews posts on the group will get you saying “Nani?!” as you keep up with all the latest info about all things anime and Japanese pop culture.

Take part in exciting events.

Sugoi Society PH is the perfect group if you enjoy attending anime conventions or cosplaying as your favorite character. Thanks to Globe’s partnership with Anime and Cosplay Expo, you also get the chance to win exciting prizes like free access to such events.

The group also holds exciting activations like the xR ARTISTS SUPER FES, a virtual music fest featuring the most popular Japanese virtual singers and anime idols, that no doubt offer an unforgettable experience for fans.

Earn exciting rewards and promos from Globe.

Sugoi Society PH members can get exciting and exclusive rewards and promos from Globe. Revisiting one of the latest perks that members got to score, Sugoi Society PH ran a contest where participants got a chance to win free passes to the Anime and Cosplay Expo. Another recent contest encouraged group members, meanwhile, to flex their Love Live! Superstar!! knowledge by completing song lyrics to win exclusive event access.

Hajimemashite! Welcome to Sugoi Society PH!

At Sugoi Society PH, you'll find a tribe that loves all things Japanese pop culture as much as you do. The group even features its own Sugoi Senpai, who can guide you through your journey through this unique fan experience. Feel right at home here, J-Culture superfans!

Hot tip: make the most out of your Crunchyroll app and subscription by joining this group and getting anime recommendations to add to your watchlist. Be updated, too, on everything J-pop: join exciting events, and win exclusive promos and rewards.

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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