The Best Animals On Screen: Where Are They Now?

The animals that stole our hearts and disappeared

Actors come in all shapes and sizes, but every one of them helps make a film come to life—what would a movie be without them after all? But while Oscars have been awarded to people of different races, we are yet to see one handed to the arguably more adorable actors that steal the scenes and our hearts: The animals.

The MGM Lion

Real name: Jackie

What she’s been up to: There have actually been several lions that took on the MGM roar over the years, but Jackie arguably has the longest filmography of them all. She appeared in dozens of films from 1928-1956, including Tarzan.

Kevin from The Proposal

Real names: Flurry, Sitka, Nanu and Winter

What she’s been up to: While four dogs played Kevin in The Proposal, Flurry was the one who really took the heart of star Sandra Bullock and the affection was clearly shared as Flurry wasn’t able to bark at the actress during one vital scene. The group also shared the screen with Emma Roberts in Hotel for Dogs. But when they aren’t filming, they enjoy an LA life with their trainers.

Marcel from FRIENDS

Real names: Katie and Monkey

What they’ve been up to: Katie and Monkey actually had very colorful careers after the cast of FRIENDS demanded that they be written off the show—for reasons like vomiting on set and holding up filming. Both starred in OutbreakAce Ventura II: When Nature CallsGeorge of The JungleFlinstones II: Viva Rock Vegas and Addicted to Love.

Marley from Marley & Me

Real name: Clyde

What he’s been up to: The naughty dog that starred on Marley & Me is described by his trainer Mark Forbes as “rambunctious, slightly out of control, mischievous [and] joyful.” And the secret to dog-kisses? Ham-flavored baby food slathered on the cheeks—in small amounts!

Beethoven from Beethoven

Real name: Chris

What she’s been up to: The 200-pound St. Bernard, who was voted Favorite Film Dog in 2010, slobbered into everyone’s hearts in Beethoven and Beethoven 2. After which, Chris went to live on a farm where trainer Teresa Miller said he enjoyed a long retirement of “being lazy and drolly and hanging around the house.”

Hachiko from Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Real names: Forrest, Leyla and Chico

What she’s been up to: Three dogs were used to film Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, all of whom were show dogs from around the United States and were used differently based on personality. Leyla was used for affectionate scenes and was endearingly called “the kissing dog.” Meanwhile, Forrest played the more serious scenes. Chico was returned to his breeder after filming ended.

Frank from Men In Black

Real name: Mushu

What he’s been up to: We saw him in Men in Black and Men in Black II, but there was no sign from him in the third chapter of the famed franchise. This is because he was adopted by an elderly couple after the filming of the second film.

Willy from Free Willy

Real name: Keiko

What he’s been up to: After filming Free Willy, a three-year project began to release Keiko into the wild. But shortly after he was released, he turned up in a Norwegian fjord reportedly because he was craving human contact. The failed integration into the wild led him back into a farm, where he died from suspected pneumonia in 2003.

Daisy from John Wick

Real name: Andy

What she’s been up to: The pup who was unceremoniously killed off within the first thirty minutes of John Wick enjoyed the red carpet treatment as Andy joined co-stars on premieres. He hasn’t had much onscreen time since then, but he is enjoying the company of other actor animals in the Animal Actors International farm in New Jersey.

Comet from Full House

Real name: Buddy

What she’s been up to: The four-legged member of the Tanner family appeared on Disney’s Air Bud after starring in Full House. Unfortunately after that, he developed a rare cancer called synovial cell sarcoma and had to have his leg amputated. Nevertheless, trainers confirmed that he lived his last days very peacefully.

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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